Working through the minutiae

Working through the minutiaeSometimes I let the stupid little details bog me down.

Before heading in to work yesterday, I finally settled on a responsive theme for my sites.

Personally, I’ve never really liked the look of the majority of responsive themes that I’ve seen, but I realized that I need my sites to be more mobile friendly than they were.

And with my current lack of creativity and technical skills, I had to pick something so that I could at last move forward with the things that will actually earn an income for me.

The remainder of my free time was spent alternating between figuring out how to fix the damn horn on our F250 so it will pass inspection and creating the menu layout for my Top Ten Consumer Reviews site.

Both objectives were successfully accomplished……YAY. πŸ™‚

I think I’m now officially out of excuses for not beginning to create content for my affiliate sites. Man, I hope that’s the case.

At some point today or tonight, I will start working on the first multi-product review for the site while working through the Wealthy Affiliate training.

Additionally, I was able to find a way to create the product comparison tables I intend to use on the review site. Check one more bit of minutiae off the list. πŸ˜€

Okay, off to my next post.

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