Plugin conflict resolved and the beat goes on

Inflatable RudophEven though I stated I’m most likely going to discontinue using the Business Directory plugin, I mentioned in my last post about the plugin conflict that I would still recommend it for anyone wanting to create a business directory.

As expected, the developers were quick to respond to support posts and released another update to the plugin that resolved whatever the issue was. This is definitely what you want to see when you rely on plugins.

I did reactivate the plugin for now until I have time to redo the site layout the way I want it to be.

I’m currently working on the review site using the WA training to hopefully begin creating decent content.

While I’m still struggling with creating content daily, it feels like I’m getting closer and closer. It’s still crazy how fast time flies and how I can look up and it’s been a week since I last posted something anywhere.

All I can do is keep on being conscious about working on this and gradually building positive work habits.

Additionally, we’re still trying to get ready for Christmas. We are notoriously slow movers in this household.

We’ll probably pull it all together by the 24th, lol.

Friday is also the day we get tires for the truck…the last thing needed for inspection. Another $500+. Damn.

Oh well, life goes on….thankfully.

Cheers for now.

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