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Self sabotageI think I might be avoiding putting in the effort so I can’t really fail. How silly is that?

A few days ago when I was lamenting over my 15 hour work day, I mentioned that I had finally settled on a topic for my first review post.

Damn if I didn’t start letting my head fill with doubts and change the topic, so it’s still not done(or even started).

This is self-sabotage of the highest order.

It’s such a ridiculous thing that some of us do to ourselves knowing that we’re really making a simple thing so very, very difficult.

Seriously, who gives a crap if I picked the wrong topic? It’s one lousy topic out of hopefully hundreds or thousands over a lifetime.

Do you do this to yourself as well? If so, stop it. 🙂

Suck it up and create for heaven’s sake.

Yes, you will fail, possibly even far more than you succeed. But if you create enough successes, the failures won’t matter one damn bit.

I’m ranting at myself right now because I want to see in black and white the evidence of a long history of doing this.

I get an idea I believe is good, put everything in place to implement it….and then STOP!! WTF!!!!

Honestly, I’m not even viewing this as negative. This is a moment for growth and progress as I continue to identify and expose my issues. Posting this puts it in my face and helps me overcome it.

The odds are that this will happen again, but I will be ready to kick its arse.

So, what are you favorite methods of self-sabotage?

Are you pretending they don’t exist?  Or are you taking the necessary steps to overcome them?

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