Sidetracked, but okay with it

Which way do I go?Okay, so I may still be stalling in taking action and moving forward with my review site. It will be a huge undertaking and very labor intensive, so I can definitely understand my hesitation.

I’ll get past it, but in the meantime I decided I would finally move my Work At Home Network domain over to Wealthy Affiliate hosting and start reviving the site that I had let languish for years after I burned out online a while back.

There is a ton of sentimental attachment to that domain. On July 5 of this year, I will have owned it for 15 years. Ohhh, to think where I could be now if I would have done a few more things the right way.

But I didn’t and I’m at where I’m at.

Moving the site over and pulling up pages in the Wayback Machine had me waxing nostalgic of my initial intentions for the site and one of the primary reasons I wanted to get into a home based business to begin with. I want to help others.

From the very start, I had a forum on the site and over the last two days I was trying to decide whether I just wanted to go with a basic forum plugin for WordPress such as bbpress or try a social networking plugin like BuddyPress or the recently launched Peepso which comes from the owners of JomSocial, a very popular Joomla social networking plugin.

Due to the fact that I had tried BuddyPress a few years back and wasn’t really impressed with it as well as the fact that one of the co-founders of WA recommended avoiding BuddyPress I decided to give Peepso a try and also add bbpress so I could have the forums I’ve always loved.

After some tinkering around, I ran in to several issues with Peepso. One was an issue with the mailqueue not sending notifications and the other issue was with one of the admin pages timing out on the back end.

There’s a fair chance that I could have figured out how to fix these issues with some troubleshooting and some searching around the ‘net, but I don’t really want to let myself get hung up on back end stuff when I really just want to get the site back up and moving again.

So I decided to keep things simple and deleted Peepso while keeping bbpress.

This allows me to have the forum that I want with a very well established plugin.

Now I can get back to the more important task of getting the site populated with content again and work my way towards my initial goal of helping others make some money online and avoid the myriad of scams and time wasting garbage out here in cyberspace.

As for the review site, I’m not really stressing over it. All in due time.

I’m kind of feeling my way around and taking action on what I want to work with. Perhaps finding the path I truly want to take online can be accomplished by this sort of internet freestyling.

As long as I’m working on something on a consistent basis, I’m satisfied at the moment. I’ll just have to work on developing the laser focus I’ll eventually need as I go.

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