“Do what you love”, but what is it?

Do What You LoveI stumbled across the image for this post while searching images at Pixabay.com

With so many different ways to monetize blogs, people looking to make money online are often told to pursue writing about what they love, are passionate about, etc.

But if you’re someone who has been beaten down and is working on recovering from a major period of depression, you might not even realize what you “love” anymore. That’s a little struggle I’m encountering in my journey back to the living.

I’ve been so inactive in life for so long, much of my passion has dimmed.

Don’t get me wrong. I know it’s there and I know I’ll eventually reconnect with things that I enjoyed and find new things to explore and experiment with, but the struggle is frustrating.

Instead of letting something like this eat at me, I’m simply going to continue to write here and work on things as I can. I also need to work on getting back into some of my offline activities like ping pong/table tennis again. Anything to “blow the stink off” and get some fresh air and interaction once again. Getting back to some other exercise routine is also on the immediate agenda. That has always helped me when I’ve done it.

I’m very upbeat about the possibilities that I have in front of me and have a much better outlook on the not so distant future than I had a year or two ago. I believe I have a significant amount of knowledge in various areas that I’ll be able to share with individuals on the web to help them improve their business pursuits. No guru status for sure, but I’ve been around long enough to see what works and what doesn’t.

Again, fear and self-doubt is my biggest enemy. I don’t want to fail those I aim to serve.  That’s something I need to work my way through as well.

I’m currently working on the backend stuff on a couple of the sites I own to do proper tracking and gather some stats for future reference.

The future seems brighter again and I am searching to find out just what the hell it is that I “love” these days.

If you’re having some struggles as well, keep moving forward and work through it via whatever means necessary and feel free to share some of your thoughts here.

Best wishes,

Chris B.

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