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Thinking AllowedAlthough I’m currently behind last month’s pace for posting, I’ve been working a good bit behind the scenes on my old Work At Home Network site and Pittsburgh Clicks, trying to get the latter set up to start promoting locally since much of the stuff on it won’t involve affiliate marketing which is not permitted on craigslist.

The quest continues to really nail down which site(s) I’ll be focusing on the most. The more I continue to be active online, the more I continue to gravitate towards helping people figure things out, something I mentioned being one of my initial goals when I started so many years ago, in the post about getting sidetracked.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time the last week or two helping people at WA with various issues. Most things are minor technical issues that people who are new to having websites have trouble figuring out.

Doing this is causing me to lean towards putting some serious time into rebuilding my long neglected Work At Home Network site as well.

Obviously, focus is still a problem for me, lol. Oh well. Still, I chug along with great confidence and hope for the not too distant future.

The more I keep writing these silly(perhaps) little posts, the more I feel things slowly shaking loose in the creativity department. After shutting down for so long, I pretty much stopped thinking about how to go about fulfilling my dreams, although the dreams themselves were still there in the back of my mind.

Over the last few days while helping others at WA, I’ve had numerous ideas. As usual, the ones I like need to be implemented.

I recognize at least part of my problem, like so many financially unstable wannabe entrepreneurs, is that I have some natural desire for instant gratification and I feel that the Pittsburgh Clicks site has some potential to give me a little bit of that. Yet, I hesitate with some lingering self-doubt. Still fighting that evil little gremlin of the mind. 🙂

Okay, it’s time to finally create something outside of this little blog. I’m not posting here again until I’ve posted some new content on a different site. 🙂

See you later…. I hope.

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Philippe Moisan

Hey Chris,

Awesome post! Keep going! I look forward to seeing the progress of your projects.