Disappointing efforts in January

Thumbs down imageBad, bad, bad entrepreneur!!!!

Well, I was flying high after a relatively product December, but could be feeling low after a less than stellar effort in January.

After managing to post here at an every other day pace in December, I stumbled to a paltry pace of barely once per week in January. This would have been acceptable if I had made some strong progress on my other sites, but progress there was minimal as well.

I accomplished nothing with Live The RV Dream, Shop The Burgh, and Top Ten Consumer Reviews. Pittsburgh Clicks and Work At Home Network each received a scant page/post or two of content creation.


Okay, new month, new day, new opportunities. Life goes on….until it doesn’t.

Fortunately, the old opportunity only knocks once cliche is pure hogwash, as every second is a new opportunity to change for the better. We’ll win some and lose some. January was mostly a loss for me, so we’ll just have to see what I can do with this extra long February. Thank you Leap Year. 🙂

On the somewhat positive side of things, I have put a significant amount of time in further research on everything I’m going to accomplish and remain encouraged in the possibilities. I added the “somewhat” simply because I’ve done far too much research and far too little doing in life. However, research isn’t always bad.

For quite a while, I’ve felt like I’m right on the very edge of taking that final leap into success and I just have to give myself that final push over the creative cliff.

I have the dreams. I have enough knowledge. Now I need to fan my smoldering desire into a roaring flame. Almost there, damn it. LOL

Okay, I’m headed off to get February started off on the right foot.

Ciao for now and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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