Appreciate your struggles

What I Have Learned imageAs I continue my journey out of the darkness of depression and inactivity into the light of appreciating life and igniting my inner creativity, I find my struggles extremely interesting albeit a tad irritating and frustrating as well.

Slowly but surely I am putting the days of beating myself up over my non-productive days, which still far outnumber the productive ones, behind me. As far as I’m concerned, I’m simply getting reacquainted with who I am and who I will eventually be.

The success I am seeking in this journey is something that most never, ever achieve for a wide variety of reasons. Some have the strength to work through whatever issues they have. Some don’t.

Whether you are a well-adjusted productive member of society seeking to branch out into your own entrepreneurial endeavor or a lifelong malcontent like I consider myself to be, the simple fact of the matter is that when it comes to creating success for yourself, you either will….. or you won’t.

Those who have their crap together can create success much faster than those of us who have to fight through what can seem like a billion different self-created roadblocks. However, we can all get there. While acknowledging your failure to make progress on a daily basis, don’t let it consume you and drive you in the wrong direction. Personally, I believe I have done that to myself in the past. By beating myself about what I haven’t accomplished, I have neglected to credit myself for the positive things that I have done, the knowledge I’ve acquired even when “wasting time”, and the help and support that I’ve almost always tried to provide others who are on the same quest that I am.

This journey of developing a full time income online isn’t easy for most of us, even though so much of what needs done is quite simple. It’s often hard to believe how elusive success can be when the outcome is left entirely in our own hands. Why is it so much easier to leave our destiny in the hands of others? Even though we’re unsatisfied with our jobs, why do we insist on sticking with the status quo, checking in for a paltry paycheck, instead of grabbing our own destiny by the horns and being 100% responsible for what happens to us in the future. Can it really just be as simple as fear of failure?

I’ll let you know when I’ve finally figured it out once and for all, lol.

Keep working on your dreams and learn to appreciate your struggles without letting them completely derail your efforts, no matter how frustrating it can be at times.

I’m “turning the corner” in my pursuits, but it sure seems like a long corner at times.

Cheers to your success and feel free to share your own struggles and frustrations in the comments.

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