5-4-2-1-this ain’t getting it done

Tomorrow Starts Now picI know. I know. Ain’t ain’t a word. 🙂

The title of this article reflects my post counts here for January, February, March, and April.

If I was getting ready for a rocket launch, those numbers would be quite adequate. But alas, I’m not.

No sweat. New day. New opportunity.

In keeping with my statements from my last post, Reflecting on my progress, which was over two weeks ago…..meh, I’ll continue with the format for these “daily”(lol) updates to see if they suit my purpose.

Day Job

I’m attempting to stop letting the day job in retail be the energy and life sucking vortex that it has become. I have to focus on acknowledging it for exactly what it is; a temporary, low paying job of convenience only 3.5 miles from home.

Ironically, in today’s world of companies running skeleton crews and store level management to operating on ridiculously low payroll budgets, actually giving a crap about doing your job well can have a very negative impact on your psyche and productivity.

Over the last couple weeks I’ve found myself essentially giving up on getting things accomplished at work. If the company doesn’t care enough to provide the payroll to keep the store well stocked, clean, and operating at peak performance, why the hell should I. Five or six people frantically trying to do what you really should have eight or nine people doing is a great way to burn everybody out. And because our store has actually had pretty low turnover, that’s where we seem to be at.

The staffing hierarchy at our store is usually this: one store manager, two assistant managers, and three cashiers. Right now, we are down to just two cashiers.

Four of us have all been there over two and a half years, with me being the newest. So our turnover has only been with two cashier positions. Many of the stores in the company burn through store and assistant managers on a regular basis.

IMO, the four of us with some longevity are pretty much toast at this point.

I came in knowing that this was going to be a temporary fix for me, so even though I may be at my wits end, I’m not too concerned for my own well-being. This company is not my future.

Also of little concern is the other ASM and cashier. Both are college kids who also work here as much out of convenience as necessity. My only concern is that staying too long could have a long term negative impact on their mindset.

My store manager is my greatest concern.

Almost since the day I started, I was hoping she would either get herself promoted or find another job with a “better” company. Yep, quotes because I’m a bit jaded about how many better companies there actually are these days. Given today’s corporate culture, I’ve seen many store level managers burn out and this is what I was worried about in her case.

I’ve watched her energy and enthusiasm drain during my time there. Although she’s still trying to force herself to do her best, it appears to me that she is just going through the motions at this point. It’s really sad how companies just use, abuse, and spit out the people who are the faces of their company.

Okay, enough of that for now. I’ll be fine. The college kids will hopefully be fine and with any luck my manager will have her hand forced and find a different position that will rejuvenate her.

That little vent/sermon was probably stimulated by a potentially exciting development for me along the lines of a second “day job”. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to include this new development under the day job category or under internet projects because it is a home based freelance position acquired through Upwork.com

I left it here under my day job thoughts because it is an hourly position and it’s not something that’s really under my control.

Here are some details and how it has played out thus far.

I’ve been registered at Upwork, formerly oDesk, for a number of years now. I worked on a few projects there and had one full time gig for almost a year there before it ended. I haven’t actively tried getting any new assignments there in nearly two and a half years. I’ve had a number of interview offers from there, but none really fit me or what I do.

On February 13, 2016, I received an offer to apply for a WordPress Support Specialist. Although I’m not a coder, I am pretty familiar with WP so after reviewing the position I decided to apply.

After exchanging some messages with the project manager, and filling out a Google form to illustrate some of my qualifications, it appeared as though we were ready to move forward with an interview.

Then things simply went silent after I sent a message on February 16.

The rest of February went by. Then all of March motored on through. Oh well, no big deal. I wasn’t actively looking and they approached me. It might have been cool, but no sweat off my brow.

Then on April 1, the owner of the company messaged me stating she had reopened the position and had combined it with the other posting they had, which was social media support.

Cool beans. I had seen the other position but hadn’t applied because I didn’t consider myself as strong on that as I am in a WP support role. But, I am quite familiar with social media marketing strategies and feel confident I can do a good job for them while also building experience for use in my own pursuits(those pesky internet projects I continue to neglect, smh).

To keep a long story and this growing post shorter, after exchanging more messages with the owner and another project manager as well as filling out another Google form and writing a sample 500 word blog post, we set up a Google Hangout interview with the owner and the two project managers for Thursday, April 7.

Damn, a 3-on-1 interview plus my first experience with Google Hangouts might have given me an anxiety attack, lol.

For the most part, everything was pretty low key. I was asked questions by all three of them and asked some questions of my own. We wrapped everything up after about 45 minutes and I was told they would discuss things and get back to me Friday or Monday at the latest.

Bleh. I’m somebody who doesn’t really like job interviews and I’ve never liked the wait afterwards to find out if I “done good” or not. Now I had to prepare myself for 3-4 days of nervous anticipation. Gosh, I guess that meant that even though I didn’t initiate or pursue this position, I wanted it. Is that good or bad? 🙂

Mercifully, the owner contacted me less than an hour after our hangout interview with an offer to take the position.

So, after some paperwork including non-disclosure and non-compete agreements, I should be starting next week. Fingers crossed and I’ll keep you posted on how things go. It’s nice to once again have something new and exciting to look forward to.

Other Daily Activities

Not much going on yet other than a dishwasher run. My intent is to do some much needed housework after the wife heads off to work. Good intentions…road to hell…. Ruh roh.

Internet Projects

Ummmm…shamefully no comment. My next post should have better news.

Okay, one comment. This article has given me a few content ideas for at least one of my other sites. So that’s cool.

Random Thoughts

I believe that this is the longest post I’ve created in a long time, if not my longest ever. I don’t know that the content is great, but I think that the fact that something new to look forward to have energized me a bit and that’s a good thing.

In addition, the 500 word sample blog post I was forced to do for my new position actually ended up being about 650 words and was received well. It forced me to get a bit creative as I hit a bit of a mental block on where to go with the rather sparse subject matter at about the 250-300 word mark. I was able to adapt on the fly and create something that wasn’t too bad.

All I need to do is carry that forward to my internet projects and the future should be brighter than ever.

That’s all for now.

Your thoughts and comments are always appreciated. Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

Best wishes,

Chris B.

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