Sunny days in PA

Sunny Day imageWe don’t get enough of them here and one reason I will eventually live on the road following better weather. 🙂 Looking very much forward to some sunshine.

I’m heading in to work shortly and figured I would fire off a post real quick to create a little momentum again.

We’ll get right into it.

Internet Projects

Yesterday I set up some draft pages for Work At Home Network so I can begin filling out some content. It’s been a long time coming but I should be able to complete those pages this evening and really start getting the site back on it’s feet. So much potential there.

Hopefully, I can squeeze out some time to do at least a little bit of work on one of my other sites. The opportunities are endless and I simply need to get to work.

Day Job

First, the evil day job, lol.

Favorite day of the week….truck day. We’ll be busting our asses getting ready and set up and then unloading it to start the cycle over again.

I was hoping to go in early, but that didn’t happen. I’m truly over this position.

Now, the fresh, new ironic UpWork job.

Getting out of the gate will be the most difficult part as we work towards getting me set up in the various systems and get some tasks assigned to me. I also have to learn exactly how things flow.

I can’t wait to get into full swing with this position.

Other Activities

Definitely a spring cleaning day today when I get home from work. Perhaps I can even get the spare bedroom cleaned out and set back up for some exercise. Oh what an ambitious goal, lol.

Random Thoughts

Perhaps it’s this temporary blast of sunshine here in western PA or maybe it’s the positive energy from starting a new job that actually looks like it will hold my interest or perhaps I’m just manic, but despite heading off shortly to job hell 😉 I’m feeling quite upbeat today. I’m going to go with the first two reasons, lol. I feel like things are really beginning to look up even though I know there will always be some challenges.

Life’s clock keeps ticking and I just need to keep pushing forward.

Not a lot of “meat” in this post, but what the hell….just consider it an apetizer.

Have a great day and share your thoughts in the comments.

Chris Bailey

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