Baby steps, baby steps, almost there

Start Stepping Up imageInsert motivational/supportive cliche here. 🙂

Drats!!! I was almost positive I was going to make it three days in a row posting here AND was going to have created some content on at least one of my other sites Thursday.

Instead, I didn’t and I didn’t. And then I let another day slip by. Meh. 🙁

Okay, on with the format

Internet Projects

As mentioned, I did not create any new content on Thursday or Friday…..crrrraaapppp.

I started to, but then somehow just didn’t. I was logged into Google Drive and had the documents pulled up to add some content to the pages of Work At Home Network that I had created drafts of a day or so before. I think I may have just been so tired that I dozed off. I honestly can’t recall. Oh boy, the memory is getting worse and worse.

On the plus side, I did add an article today to Live the RV Dream. It wasn’t anything optimized to draw traffic, but was just a story about an old broke down RV that was in the lot at work 9 days ago and mentioned the fact that I’d be perfectly content travelling around in that if it runs okay and doesn’t have any crazy leaks. That article was automatically posted to the sites FB page. Sadly, that was the first new article on the site in nearly 18 months.

Damn, I swear that time is speeding up.

Anyway, that was a welcome and necessary step forward. I have many more steps to go, but I am getting there. I can feel it.

Day Job

Phewy: Headed in to the store in about an hour or so. Going through the motions and looking forward to getting out of there.

The new Upwork job from home, on the other hand, is just getting started. This week was just about getting my feet wet and getting familiar with the expectations. Next week I’ll be diving more into it seriously and am looking forward to the challenge.

It will definitely take a little while to acclimate to the unique work environment and learn exactly how everything flows, but we are getting there.

Other Activities

I’m a bit bummed that I’m missing another relatively local table tennis tournament. This one is about 100 miles north up in Erie PA and is always a fun one to play in. The man that runs it is a great guy.

On the home front, I did manage to get some cleanup done yesterday and today. Unfortunately, I still haven’t motivated myself enough to hop on the tractor for the 3-4 hour experience that is mowing hour one and a half acres. It will probably be about 5-6 hours the first time as we have quite a bit of debris from trees we cut down last year and just some small limbs and such that fell throughout the winter. Oh, and more laundry and dishes done, lol.

Random Thoughts

The more I look around the ‘net and see some of the people who are actually succeeding enough to make a living online, the more I believe that I have absolutely no excuse to fail or, more importantly, to try.

What I am working to accomplish is by no means rocket science and it simply isn’t that difficult as it pertains to hard work. As I look at more and more success stories, it’s simply a matter of persistence, adaptability, and motivation.

If you keep at it and keep learning AND applying little bits as you go, your odds appear to be not too bad. Just don’t give up. Instead, adapt when things aren’t going your way.

Well, that’s it for today.

Have a great one and share your thoughts in the comments.

Chris Bailey

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