Easy Come, Easy Go

Crazy Man picWell, I’m either just plain mentally insane or that gig on Upwork simply wasn’t what I wanted to be doing when it came right down to it.

I’ll cover what happened in the day job part of this daily journal. Okay, off we go.

Internet Projects

Still struggling here, but damn it, I’m close. Honest injun. 🙂

While I’ve decided on this little format for these supposed to be daily updates on this personal blog, I’ve been settling in on just what I want to do with the handful of commercial domains that I have.

With the recent events regarding the Upwork gig, I have no lack of time excuse. My next journal post here will include some actual progress. I swear it.

Day Job

What can I say. Since our remodel finished up around June-July last year, our revenue is consistently up 20%-30% every week, but we haven’t had a corresponding payroll budget increase. We are in an unwinnable battle to try and keep the store up to the level we want.

As much as major corporations insist on micromanaging almost every ridiculous detail of the daily grind, they drop the ball when it comes to common sense practices that will result in spending more money even if it’s something that would actually increase profits overall. Pathetic.

Now on to my questionable sanity/mental stability.

As excited as I felt about getting my new home based job through Upwork as a WordPress and Social Media Support rep, I completely flubbed it when push came to shove.

I know I have some issues, but I’m hoping this was more of a “wanting is better than having” situation. Perhaps I’m simply fooling myself, but as I sit here typing this and thinking about how things played out and how I felt, I may actually believe that to be the case.

Ironically, it was the part of the job that I initially applied for that I think made me tank. I worked a little bit of help desk support for the client last week and found it to be a bit of a disorganized and clunky situation. They were trying to transition a client of theirs to a different help desk software and working on getting rid of their client’s current support rep, who isn’t all that great.

I think that I may simply no longer have the patience to be under the employment of others with things out of my control. Once they’ve completely transitioned to a new help desk and have their own people running it, I think they’ll do fine. However, I would have done things much differently as my being in the current help desk set up was essentially a waste of time and was leading to potentially duplicate handling of customers. Not a good thing.

I had a couple tasks assigned to start this week and after the frustrating Friday I simply couldn’t motivate myself to do them. I stalled for a day and then finally told them that it would be best to cut me loose.

So, was it self-sabotage or was it simply a case of not being interested in being employed to do things I know I can do for myself for a much more lucrative result when done right? I guess I’ll find out because now I really, really need to work a structured attack on my own internet efforts.

Other Activities

Well, laundry and dishes are still the only things I’m taking care of regularly. LOL Yardwork – meh. Cleaning/vacuuming – double meh. Need to turn that around and also get back to some exercise. Again, I intend to have better news on my next post.

Also along health related lines, it’s time to give another go at cutting out the cigarettes and drinking more water instead of coffee and soda. That starKeith Urban 50-piece Deluxe PLAYER Acoustic-Electric Guitar Package picts today….after I finish the 9 smokes I have left. 🙂

Random Thoughts

On the perhaps I am simply insane and shouldn’t be watching TV late at night train of thought, a little while ago I actually ordered the Keith Urban 50-piece Deluxe PLAYER Acoustic-Electric Guitar Package from HSN. WTF!!! Over the years, I have considered learning to play the guitar, but it’s one of many things I never got around to. I’m rarely an impulse buyer and did do a little bit of quick research on the quality of the guitar and the lessons. I simply couldn’t resist the flex pay option… oh my.

That’s all for now. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


Chris Bailey

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