WBWSO.com-scam or not 8

Here we go again.  There’s just a never ending supply of these things out there.

Give us just $100 and we’ll give you $90,000.00 back in 3 short years.  Well, not exactly 3 years, LOL.  From their FAQ:

Q: I use your calculator to see what my return would be, if I invest $100 I do not get it to be the full $90 000 in 3 years as you claim, please explain.
A; We use 1100 days to calculate the return when it is stated as 3 years. This is to give us a few more days as reserve when selling of all the websites in the package. This explains why thee is a small difference in the calculations.

C’mon people.  If you’re anybody other than the usual hyip, ponzi game playing scam lover, you should know to avoid anything that even hints at such a ridiculous payout for doing absolutely nothing.

Much of what they talk about on the Web Builder Web Site Owner(WBWSO) actually makes sense as far as buying sites, flipping sites, optimizing them, etc.  BTW, I’ve also seen some people call it Wealth Builder Website Owner.  Not sure which is right, but the latter makes more sense since they call the investments Wealth Builder packages.

I have had an offer for one of my sites at 75 times the monthly revenue.

I was considering letting this potential scam go unmentioned until I read the following typical ponzi/pyramid scam lingo in their terms.

Every transaction is considered to be a private transaction between WBwso LTD and the member. As a private transaction between WBwso LTD and its member, any program on offer is exempt from:

  • the US Securities Act of 1933, the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934,
  • the US Investment Company Act of 1940, and all other rules, regulations and amendments thereof.

How many of you have seen that type of statement in the TOC of any legitimate company?

Guess what?  When you tell someone you will pay them $90,000.00 3 years from now if they give you $100 today and they don’t have to do anything to earn it, you are selling an investment.

If they are not registered with the SEC, they are not legally allowed to offer this deal in the U.S.

I’ve already done a quick skim of some of the ponzi player hotspots, so I know they are currently paying.  So did YMMSS, PIPS, 12Daily, ASD, and a number of other pie in the sky schemes……for a while at least.

In the end, it’s unlikely that they’ll be forking out over $450 Million Dollars in the next few years.

In case you’re wondering, their initial goal is stated as 5000 members X $100 investment X $90,000.00 return = $450 Million Dollars

Ahhh, the good old www(wild, wild, west).

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Hi, Every body I have been a member with wbso for some time. But for the past 8-14 months a unable to get access to the member’s area or any replies to my emails. I am now begin to wonder,when hearing all those comment from others who lost out. I now know why I’ve not received any mails from them. We have now removed their website page from ours . The site and contexts were… Read more »

Now that it is confirmed scam I wonder why they bother to stay on line?


Hi Guys they are not paying out now so you can class this http://www.wbwso.com as a scam now. I should have known better, but we all never learn.

I am a member of wbwso and have invested in the 3 year plans, only a small amount and nothing i cant afford to lose on a punt. The investment group im part of meets with wb periodically and everything seems fine with the company so im told. I also had larger investments in the flpisites or 6 monthly plans as they are known and these payed out when they matured. Im a sceptic too… Read more »

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Chris Bailey
@Aaron Well Aaron, maybe you should tell WBWSO that they aren’t bound by the law. They are the ones that had that useless SEC lingo on their site. Anyone who has been around long knows that the sites that tend to put that type of warning on them are almost always scams. The simplest way to put this for you is that if someone is selling investments to U.S. citizens, they must follow U.S. laws… Read more »
I just wanted to mention that wbwso is registered in wales and england. Therefore it does not fall under the US securities act etc. Its not limited to the US, technically anyone with internet access and some money can invest it. I’m not defending it but you go over the edge, and it seems that its ignorance on you behalf. Oh, and don’t criticize unless you can show or offer a better alternative. When was… Read more »