Frustration, fear, and fresh starts

Hitting reset againI really need a time machine.

Nearly 7 months have passed since my last post here. Of course, in my last post, I did promise that

My next journal post here will include some actual progress. I swear it.

True to my word, my progress was making one post yesterday in the beginning of a personal 30 day challenge to blog something everyday.

Okay, on with this “daily update”, lol. SMH

Internet Projects

As I mentioned above, I’ve managed to achieve a whole single, solitary post in nearly 7 months. I’m doubting that will get me where I need to be.

While I’ve seen similar things many times before, I decided to throw my hat in on a 30 days – 30 post challenge over at Wealthy Affiliate.

IMHO, my struggles for consistency are coming from several different issues.

Like many would-be online entrepreneurs, I place too low of a value on what I have to offer. Even though I know that we can all find our own online voice and following when we keep putting our voice out there, I tend to stifle myself instead of just moving forward and seeing what sticks.

Piss-poor time management is another culprit. I have plenty of time to make daily strides, but I waste far too much of it not being productive. Going forward, I need to place a much higher value on my free time and convert much more of it into productive time.

The last thing I’ll mention is indecision. I have a passion for “scam busting”, for lack of a better term. There is so much garbage online hurting so many people, I have a drive to warn people away from the hype about many of the so-called opportunities out there.

One of the problems I experienced with pursuing this passion in the past is that I let myself get far too emotionally involved and it burned me out. I want to jump back into this, but I can’t let the passion consume me as it did before.

Another potential problem with this is that scammers can get aggressive towards those who call them out. I covered this a little in a post titled Several Reasons I Stopped Crusading Against Scams and Scammers.

In addition to the potential inconvenience of website issues caused by this aggression, there is also the slight possibility of physical harm if you happen to cross the right kind of psycho. I don’t hide my identity online as many scambusters do. Although I don’t worry too much about my own safety, kicking this passion back into gear potentially jeopardizes those in my household. In today’s world, I’ve had to take that into serious consideration.

I attempted to swear off and stop visiting some of my favorite anti-scam haunts online, but the pull is simply too strong. In order for me to move forward, I believe I’ll have to incorporate this into my work at home site.

I think legitimate sites dedicated to helping people earn money online are great. Unfortunately, because those same sites are also a revenue source for the owners, they do a disservice by not focusing enough on the scams that run rampant online.

Day Job

I’m still an Assistant Manager in retail and just passed my three year mark with my current company. I received a lovely Certificate of Appreciation and a lapel pin. 🙂

The District Manager I blew up on last year finally moved on to greener pastures, as I expected she would. So now I’m on to my 7th or 8th DM in my brief three year run.

Out of convenience, I’ve resisted job hunting for a better gig while I work towards fulfilling my online destiny. I could certainly make better income elsewhere, but commute time and stress levels would increase significantly. I do look, but only half-heartedly and I’m being extremely picky about it.

Other Activities

Not much to report here. It will still be a while before I can get back to some of the recreational activities I enjoy.

Random Thoughts

Although I continue to frustrate myself by not creating success more quickly, I really don’t beat myself up about it. I had/have much to work through personally and that is coming along, albeit slowly.

Every day is a new day filled with hope and opportunities for improvement. If I fail today, I can still succeed tomorrow. I think I do need to sprinkle in a bit more of a sense of urgency though.

That’s it for today.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Cheers to your success.

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