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AKA, let’s watch a ponzi autosurf scam die.

Since I don’t normally peruse all of the HYIP scam promoting sites, I haven’t taken the time to pick one autosurf ponzi early in it’s life and follow it to it’s death.

I was going to do this with Alert Pay Instant at  Alas, I blinked and the ponzi is now gone.

So I stumbled across Get Daily Paid.  It should suffice as an example.  I’ve never followed one too closely from inception to collapse, but I have wanted to just one time and only one time since every single one of them share the same fate — collapse or shut down by the authorities.

As of today, the site shows a mere $29,400 taken in, so we’re probably catching the ponzi autosurf pretty early.  Also, the domain name was just registered on April 15, 2009.

Depending on how well it’s run, it could last just a few days or weeks, or may get a year or two under it’s belt if the admin are really good and people spread the word.

This one is just your typical surf ponzi promising 12% daily return on your investment purchase.  Ooops, it’s not really a promise according to their FAQ.  These criminals are kind enough to warn you that it’s not guaranteed and not to risk more than you can afford to lose.

To hell with the fact that if you are a U.S. citizen, you are breaking the law by playing these ponzi games.  Just do some research on the similar surf ponzi scams Ad Surf Daily or 12 Daily Pro.

Well, that’s all for now.  Let the fun begin.  Don’t blink or you might miss it. 😀

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Chris Bailey

Been a while since I checked on this.  Site appears to be gone for good.  It didn’t even come up as being registered any more in a whois check.  Domain name appears to be available now.

Just another internet scam. 😀

Chris Bailey

Still no website and the Plesk setup page showing:


You see this page because there is no Web site at this address.

What you can do:

* Create domains and set up Web hosting using Parallels Plesk Control Panel.”

Gone for good??

We’ll see.

Chris Bailey

At this moment, seems to be down with the last active Google cache from 10/18/09 showing:

Intake: $7140.00
Paid: $1932.00
Paid Today: $176.40

Still waiting to see if this little ponzi scam is over yet.

Chris Bailey

Still puttering along as of 10/15/09:

Intake: $6972.00
Paid: $1857.84
Paid Today: $102.24

Chris Bailey

Most recent stats showing on the site:

Intake: $4716.00
Paid: $1322.64
Paid Today: $59.04

Obviously, not a whole lot going on with this little ponzi since the “reset”.

Chris Bailey

LOL, apparently this ponzi scam admin decided to “reset” his ponzi and start over.

And they appear to be running multiple ponzis at once, including

A little more about that can be found in the comments at

Chris Bailey
Well, I was looking through my Google Analytics stats and noticed someone searched for: info on getdailypaid. why has it gone down? I realized I had not visited this my little blurb here lately. Indeed the site is down as I type this, with the last Google cache from Sep 10, 2009 22:52:49 GMT showing $98460.90 taken in. That’s only $6684.00 in the 27 days since my last note. Only $247.56/day Looks like this small… Read more »
Chris Bailey
As of 6:38 AM EST August 14, the intake now showing $91776.90 38 more days have passed since my last post and only another $25,236.00 so they are only bringing in trickle of new investors at $664.11/day in that time. There are quite a few complaints around the web about payment inconsistencies and some outright scam claims. It looks more and more like this will just be a relatively small scam when it tanks, never… Read more »
Chris Bailey

24 days later and the intake is listed at $66540.90, so they’re only showing pulling in another $37140.90($1547.54/day) since I first posted.

So this little scheme isn’t lighting the world on fire, but it hasn’t died yet.

Tick tock. 🙂