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So, is a scam?

The relatively short answer for those who don’t want to read my rambling below, lol.  No, I wouldn’t say that peoplestring is a scam.  But there is a lot of hype and misleading info out there about the true potential of this type of site.  You can make money with sites of this nature, but unless you can recruit heavily, the amount is negligible.

When dealing with internet based money making opportunities, it’s not always quite as simple as whether something is an outright scam or not.

The basic premise of “paid to” anything, i.e. paid to read email, paid to click, etc. is seriously flawed when it comes to the ability to attract major advertisers.

Along with, is one of many relatively new “paid to” social networks on the net that is luring many naive internet users into thinking they can make substantial money playing around on a social networking site.  A few others that may or may not still be around are wowzza, yuwie, flixya, friendswin, hellohello, revver and  guba.

For the most part, I have very few issues with these types of sites.

Unfortunately, just like so many other money making ventures on line, they are ridiculously overhyped and create unrealistic expectations for naive new members.

PeopleString’s mantra is ‘Where You Own the Web’ and they claim they are giving back 70% of profits to the members.

With misleading banners such as PeopleString promoters are suckering people in at a pretty good clip.  And yes, I actually wasted some time and registered as a free member with PeopleString.

Supporters of these misleading opps love to challenge those of us who point out the flaws by saying we don’t know what we’re talking about if we haven’t joined.  This, of course, is a bunch of crap. 😉

If the opp you are looking into is even somewhat upfront about what they offer and you have a little bit of marketing knowledge, you can easily see through the hype and find out what you need to know.

So, what exactly does PeopleString offer its members.

As mentioned before, they claim to give back 70% of profits to their active members.  This is based on a point system that allows members to earn People Points for their activities on the site.    If you loaf on the site enough, you can earn up to 200 People Points per day.

There is no set value for these points and revenue sharing is distributed on a fairly inconsistent basis, but it is distributed.

PeopleString wants you to believe that they will someday be making big bucks from major advertisers when in reality these types of paid to sites never hit the big time.

Big time advertisers have little interest in these incentivized types of sites.  As someone who buys my own advertising, I would much rather purchase CPA or CPM ads from sites that I know visitors are coming to my site out of genuine interest as opposed to hoping to earn a few pennies from a site like PeopleString.  The type of traffic that a retailer gets from sites like PeopleString simply doesn’t convert into sales.  It never has and it likely never will.

In addition to the revenue sharing, People String allows the members to earn in the following ways:

  • Overrides on the earnings of your downline starting at 5% for your direct referrals and 2% on your 2nd through 6th levels.
  • Mail Box Cash Box, which many promoters market as a great opportunity, although it’s not really showing any promise of going anywhere or generating serious interest from any major advertisers.
  • People Dollars – these allow members to earn almost instant cash rebates for completing offers or ordering products/services from various company.  This is really nothing new or original and members could often earn the same or more back by doing the same thing via companies like
  • Cash Back shopping – again, similar to what ebates and other companies have offered for years.

When People String first got going, they were also dangling extra commission earnings for those people interested in “upgrading” at a cost of $200.  This is supposedly going to be stopped on May 16th.

They’ve been threatening to close off the upgrade opportunity since the middle of last year.  Then they started saying that they were going to cut things off at 5000 upgrades.

So instead of just cutting it off at 5000 as stated, they are deciding to allow their marketers to grab as much cash they can by setting a deadline date so experienced marketers can keep on pushing their downline to upgrade, even though the benefits will be significantly less if and when upgrades are no longer offered.  Those final few to upgrade won’t be able to pocket the $40 that original members used to be able to get for coercing direct referrals to shell out $200.  Or the $10 overrides from lower level upgrades.

The bottom line is that PeopleString isn’t much better or worse than many other biz opps out here on the net.

Following are some reasons why I don’t consider People String to be anything special.

Unoriginal – Paid social networks are nothing new and they are always going to be small time venues just like paid to read email and paid to click sites.  They can hang around forever and if you know how to recruit thousands into a downline, you might be able to make decent money.

And unlike original social networks like Facebook, PeopleString has not created a site from scratch.  Instead, they bought a cheap, off the shelf social networking script from  and like to act as if integrating the site with major players like Facebook and Twitter is some big accomplishment when in reality they are simply purchasing mods an plugins to achieve these simple tasks just like those of us who use WordPress and Joomla platforms do.

Ownership allowing, encouraging, and participating in the hype.  This is especially true of the big stink many promoters and ownership are making about the rankings.  This is not a great selling point to draw in major advertising dollars because anybody with a little bit of experience in internet marketing knows that the Alexa rankings are particularly irrelevant for sites like People String where users have a financial incentive to visit.  Past surfing ponzi scams like StudioTraffic and 12DailyPro easily cracked the top 500 and 300 respectively.  Over the last 7 months, they have climbed in Alexa steadily but are now starting to stagnate, especially in the U.S.

Global: 4,921
USA: 2,961

Global: 1899
USA: 773

Just for kicks, I joined PS on 7/22/2009 and I’ve “earned” a whopping $14.64 doing what I already do with Facebook in nearly 10 months.  Just like so many other opportunities online, there is very little money to be made with unless you can recruit heavily.

Name Referral Date ? Status Amount
Search & Ad 4/13/2010 $ 1.38
Jan Search & Ad 4/1/2010 $ 0.88
Facebook Account Confirmed 3/20/2010 $ 0.10
Deal: Cell Phone/Facebook Questions 3/16/2010 $ 0.10
Nov/Dec Search & Ad 2/12/2010 $ 4.17
October Search & Ad 1/19/2010 $ 2.40
Email Confirmed 1/4/2010 $ 0.10
Deal: Wagging Tails Cards (#81) 12/19/2009 $ 0.06
Deal: Think (#80) 12/7/2009 $ 0.15
Deal: (#79) 12/7/2009 $ 0.15
Deal: I See Me (#78) 12/7/2009 $ 0.15
Deal: Wysong (#77) 12/7/2009 $ 0.15
Deal: (#76) 12/7/2009 $ 0.15
September Search & Ad 12/2/2009 $ 0.17
Deal: How to Suppress Hunger (#74) 11/8/2009 $ 0.25
Deal: Miracle Fruit (#73) 11/8/2009 $ 0.25
Deal: Hot Home Business Opportunities (#72) 11/8/2009 $ 0.25
Deal: Home Business Opportunities (#71) 11/8/2009 $ 0.25
Deal: (#69) 11/8/2009 $ 0.35
Deal: Foods That Help you Lose Weight (#70) 11/8/2009 $ 0.25
Deal: (#67) 11/7/2009 $ 0.25
Deal: (#68) 11/7/2009 $ 0.25
Deal: Black Grape (#75) 11/7/2009 $ 0.50
August Search & Ad 10/29/2009 $ 0.19
July Search & Ad 10/5/2009 $ 0.21
Deal: 30 Questions to Start Earning Money 8/5/2009 $ 1.50
Signup 7/22/2009 $ 0.03
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