Internet Marketing Attention Deficit Disorder

In my time on the web, I’ve noticed many of us in the internet marketing world suffer from this horrible affliction.

If you are anything like me, you tend to come up with one great idea after another(well, at least we think they are great ideas 🙂 )

The main problem with our “genius” is that we often tend to leave many of our projects unfinished as we jump from one to the next. I know I have a veritable minefield of unfinished work and ideas.

As I was searching on the net for others with this affliction, I stumbled across Andrew Wee’s article Internet Marketing Attention Deficit Disorder And A Solution?

I can’t come up with any better advice than Mr. Wee.

The main point of his article and advise is quite simple:

    • Go with the flow: You know you’re not cut out to do one thing for weeks on end, so don’t fight it. Break your day up into several pieces. Focus on product development in the morning (or whenever your peak periods might be), talk to joint venture partners or strategic partners as you feel you’re moving out of your zone. Answer email and tackle customer support issues during your downtime.
    • Focus, focus, focus: This was a major problem for me initially when I was doing consulting. You can take on 20 projects, and deliver below your optimal performance on all of them. OR you could charge a premium and work with your preferred 3-5 clients. If you work in performance incentives and revenue share, you might end up doing better with a select few, rather than attempt to take on the market.
    • Recalibrate, reorient and refocus: Take time out to audit your efforts. Is what you’re doing helping you move toward where you want to be? Evalute and do the equivalent of “testing and tracking” in your business. Jettison projects that are stumbling or backsliding. Declutter experts say there is limited space in your life. If you cut and clear away stuff that isn’t helping you (people, projects and places), you’ll free up more “space” for new things to come in.

Personally,I’m trying to hold off as much as I can on my next “great idea” and am working on what I’ve already started.

Some ideas I’ll be scrapping.  And the rest I willdevelop as fully as possible.

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