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Well, I’m not an old man yet, but I sure feel like it with some of the technology out there that I don’t have or use. No Ipod or any other MP3 player. No camcorder, digital or otherwise. No laptop yet. I’m not working at home with a wireless router. My home stereo is about 18 years old. Etc., etc.

At least I have satellite. 😀

My better half has been fine using the old fashioned throw away cameras to take occasional snapshots for the holidays and other gatherings.

I used to be a real gadget guy but have somehow become an old stick in the mud set in my ways.

For my first digital camera, I didn’t feel the need to go all out and get the top of the line model that will be outdated in another month anyway. So I picked up a Sanyo VPC-S750 at Walmart this afternoon.

The biggest issue I saw when reading reviews after I came home was poor battery life. As is often the case, the reviews were mixed, but had more positive than negative.  So far, I haven’t used it enough to have that problem.

One  reviewer also mentioned significant issues with the picture quality and he posted the pictures to prove his point.  They looked terrible.  I’ve taken a few shots and put them in the computer with the SD card and the picture quality was good, so he may have had a defective camera.

For those looking for reviews on the Sanyo VPC-S750, I had a hard time finding any reviews other than at Walmart’s website.

I’ll play around a little more and see if it’s a keeper. Now maybe we can finally sell some of the junk we have around here. 😉

Hopefully this not so old man can figure it out.

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Chris Bailey
Hi amina and Ron. Overall, I am satisfied with the quality and as I take more pictures I’ll probably pick up some rechargeable batteries. The battery life hasn’t been as bad as some reported, but definitely not as good as Ron had with his rechargeable batteries. The other thing noted in my original post was some people having isseus with picture quality. The pictures that I’ve had printed up looked very nice, but if I… Read more »

Hi sir,

I’m also looking for a review to buw this sanyo product. I am happy that you like it. After your review i’m going to buy it to i think. From holland…

thanks and bey

Ron Sobin

I purchased some Energizer rechargable batteries just before the supplied batteries were spent (this happend at a blistering rate). I must have taken 250+ pictures on the original charge (Christmas – 2007 …. today is June 28th 2008). I still haven’t see a low battery warning of any kind. This may be the most amazing variance in product performance that I’ve wittnessed in my 42 years. Go get some now!