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Those of us who have been around the internet marketing block a time or ten remember more too good to be true scams than we care to count.

Anybody who is looking into one of the latest and greatest we’ll make you rich before you have to pay us a cent offerings called needs to do a little research on two previous similar offerings called and and use just a little common sense.

Both ofthose turned out to be scams, as expected.

In a nutshell, guarantees everyone will get to the top of “Google, Yahoo, and 38 other top search engines” within 120 days for 5 keywords. And get this, they get you there for free and then you simply have to be the top bidder for your chosen keywords to stay there. Sounds absolutely wonderful, doesn’t it?

Anyone that has even the slightest knowledge about SEO and how search engines work will immediately be skeptical, to say the least. Rightfully so.

Some of the glaring Red Flags:

  • The usual extreme hype geared to people looking to get something for nothing
  • Guaranteeing something that simply can not be achieved, or at least can not be achieved via ethical means
  • Plenty of awe inspiring testimonials, every one of them anonymous
  • A site promising to get me to the top of Google that currently carries a Google PR of 0 and is nowhere near the top, if they are even listed at all, in the SERPs for its own obvious keywords
  • Just like the Monopolizer and MoreThanTraffic scams, operates out of a drop box in the UK
  • Many of the so called “search engines” listed aren’t search engines and a number of them don’t even exist
  • etc., etc.

And yes, free businesses can scam you. They rob you of time and sap your energy getting you excited about results and guarantees that are impossible to honor. You are also providing them with at least some personal info at some point.

As always, time will tell the truth. I already think it’s quite obvious how this one will eventually turn out.

For those who decide to take the chance on this, I definitely recommend a throw away email address and don’t use an established domain for your test.

Good luck

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Just an update from me. I joined with one of my sites on the 29th January. On the th February I did a search for two of my keywords and found my site in 8th position on page one. Today I did the same keyword search and it is now 5th position. This site has been around since the middle of last year and I haven’t done any PPC advertising only submitting it to search… Read more »
Andy Perrin
I listd my site with 1on40 as i wanted to generate more trafic, but having seen how they talked to Seodude and Reg on another blog,just as Yummy Mummy said they just don’t act as a proffessional company,they use bullying tack-tics and shout alot,but show little proof of what they can do.I am 99% sure this is a scam of some kind,but as you don’t have to pay anything up front its hard to see… Read more »
Shane Duffy
I spent 2 days in late Feb submitting 108 websites to 1on40. Four of them are very special and the rest are purely adsense revenue generating sites with rss feeds etc. All sites are search engine optimized so I had been concentrating on attracting free traffic through backlinks, blogging, free ads etc. I have 130 clients & 7 affiliates under me in 1on40 and everything was looking good. I had always wondered how paid seo… Read more »

Has anyone tried viewing 1on40 through a proxy site. I did this and I can’t login. Can anyone explain this? I am a newbie to all this internet stuff so I can’t work out why. Loved to hear your thoughts. 🙂
Yummy mummy I’d go for the RED Ferrari everytime!

Yummy Mummy
I came across 1on40 in January and decided to get involved as on the surface it appeared fantastic. BUT… and there is a big but, since then I’ve been reading forums and blogs like this one which prompted me to look into more closely. I don’t know if 1on40 is a scam or not and whilst I certainly hope not I was dismayed to see how they put themselves across at another forum (scam) –… Read more »
LW You aren’t stuck! You can remove yourself. Just log in and there is a tab that says ‘remove me’. I did it without any hassle. I have listed my sites and I also have been questioning in my head how can they do it, but I guess until someone actually comes up with something really concrete, I am going to keep an open mind. I will be gutted if they are a sham and… Read more »

Thanks for clearing my doubts about the site, I was suspicious that they were a scam


You are all overlooking the obvious.

‘top position’ – organic or paid?
get you there for free…upload the ads?
pay the auction price…..

I think you get the theme.

All you agree is they put you in ‘top position’ not how or where top position is. Then they bill you the full wack. Have you seen the bid prices on some keyphrases recently. It’s gonna hurt.

Damn!!!! I just signed up with them. Although I am not savvy in this area, the entire time I was signing up, my logical thought process pondered the “HOW” this can happen. I submitted anyway. I have worked very hard on my site and do not want anything to happen to it. In the above messages nobody says what can happen, but it is said to use a site you really dont care about. I… Read more »
Dan Williams

Here is what I submitted:


cell phones
free cell phones
AT&T cell phones
Verizon cell phones
T_mobile cell phone


I told them I wanted traffic from the USA – all states

If this works I should be a multi-millionaire in 6 months 😉


Good post Chris, you do know that your next for a bashing from them. first it was me then Reg DCP got some really nasty stuff said to him.

I think we started a war ooops!



Is it a coincidence that, the old and are/were all run out of the same general area in London?

I think not.



Yah, I wanted to try it out with an adult site of mine ( . Ended up not following through due to the fact that not everyone can be on 1st page of google. Lets think about this.

Unless google decides to change their first page to a very long one, not everyone’s site will be on first page.

I am personally interested (because I am also thinking of using your service 1on40)… what happens when my page is on Number One in Google? WIll you inform me then automatically… and will it always take 120 days or sometimes less? and also affiliate urls? really? do I have to pay afterwards. Now ok it’s free. but when I am on the first place, what happens then, Am I forced to pay you something or… Read more »
Andre R

Thanks for this insight. I’m actually one of those who signed up at 1on40… If it’s free, and if it turns out to be a scam, well…move on, lesson learnt. I’ll just give it the benefit of the doubt for now and see what happens.