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NeoBux is a paid to click opportunity that I’ve known about for several years but really never gave much thought to because I was never really into the whole “paid to” arena.  I’m also naturally leary of opportunities that allow you to “upgrade” to higher levels of earnings.

They have been around close to 4 years now as of the date of this post.  According to their site:

NeoBux was first introduced on March 25th 2008 in a pre-registration phase.
The official opening was shortly a month after, on April 30th

And although I’ve been around long enough to know that many scams can actually run for years, I’m not lumping Neobux into the scam category.  After deciding to try some new things, I registered with NeoBux on December 22, 2011.

Now, take a look at the difference between the totals on the two banners above.

In the first banner, earnings do not equal payments and the way NeoBux is set up, your actual profits are generally going to be significantly lower than what the banner indicates, especially as the total gets higher and higher.

From what I’ve observed, anybody that is earning significant income has upgraded to Golden or higher.  And these packages can carry a hefty fee up to $890 for the Ultimate Golden Pack which is over and above the $90 Golden upgrade.

Fees like this would generally have me running for the hills, but after scouring through the NeoBux forums and reading about the different strategies, comparing the different earnings rates at the different levels, and evaluating what they charge for advertising versus what they pay their users I decided to give NeoBux a shot.

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I agree with everything said here. I’ve been using Neobux for over a year now. I am earning money so I’m confident that there is no Neobux scam. As the previous poster said, I have concerns about the rentals being bots. I still have rentals but just riding out there current rental period. The real profit potential is with the direct referrals. You earn a percentage of all their activities which you don’t get with… Read more »

Admin is a greedy bastard and he has a perfect bot-system in place which will make you loose money for sure.. be aware to loose 50-80% of your investment!