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The Sharks are CirctlingAs always, if you’ve been around the world of internet “opportunities” for more than a couple weeks, all you need to see is a guarantee of 2% interest per day and you know that the words JustBeenPaid JSS Tripler scam sound like a good fit.

First off, if JustBeenPaid’s JSS Tripler doesn’t collapse under its own weight soon, my opinion is that it will eventually be declared illegal.  As noted by the PatrickPretty blog, JustBeenPaid’s JSS Tripler is already being investigated by Italian Regulatory Authority CONSOB.

When you promise people a return on their investment, you are selling securities.  And JustBeenPaid is violating the laws of numerous countries that have securities registration requirements.  The owner, Frederick Mann, appears to be trying to tell people that because JSS Tripler is not based in the U.S, it is safe from U.S. authorities(and the authorities of other countries where this program will be declared illegal).

That’s not a bet I’d be willing to take.

Second, and all you need a basic calculator to figure this one out, with or without “restarts” 2% per day is an unsustainable ROI.  It’s simple math folks.

With thousands allegedly joining JustBeenPaid’s JSS Tripler every day now, the liabilities from even the small $10 investments are going to grow to astronomical amounts.

Even with the restart feature, the tripler positions are converter from one current liability into a future liability if/when the matrix that the tripler positions were placed in fills up.  This is not an asset as Frederick Mann claims.  It’s still a liability.

Restarts simply help slow the inevitable collapse.

In a real investment, customer purchases are almost never a liability.  In a ponzi like JustBeenPaid JSS Tripler, every customer purchase becomes a liability.

Banks and credit unions offer a minimal ROI that they feel certain they will be able to cover with the money you put in.

Online trading companies take their fee from you for the trades you make and the profits/loss are all yours to bear.

Legitimate investments state loud and clear that you could lose some or all of your money.

Illegal/illegitimate investments tell you that your money and ROI is guaranteed.  Guess what?  They are lying to you.  Every single one of these programs either collapses or gets shut down.

Now, to address the usual “I got paid” so it can’t be a scam crowd.

Let me ask you this.  If ponzis didn’t pay people in the beginning, how would they gather enough momentum to make big money for the owner?

Many ponzis pay like clockwork for a while.

Some only make it a few weeks or months because they are either poorly run or just didn’t hit it right to gain enough new investors to cover the deficit that offering ridiculous ROI creates.

Other really well run ponzis might last a couple years before the staggering amount of money that needs to be paid out becomes too much of a burden.

Early birds in well run ponzis can make a killing, albeit an illegal killing.

The same claims of “I got paid” have been reiterated by members of ponzis past and will be said again regarding future ponzis.

It’s the same thing that I heard from members of AdSurfDaily, WBWSO, YMMSS/Success Through Advertising, 12DailyPro, StudioTraffic, PIPS, etc., etc.

They all paid well, until they didn’t.  Some collapsed under the weight of the ponzi structure and others were shut down because they are illegal.  Only time will tell which of these outcomes is in JSS Tripler’s future.

“But it’s my money and I can do what I want with it!!!”

Well, yes and no.

Sure, we’re allowed to spend our money however we choose…. on legal products/services/opportunities.

Unless you are in complete denial, you know that JSS Tripler is an investment.  And investments are required to be registered with the SEC or whatever agency regulates them in most countries.  Selling unregistered securities is illegal, plain and simple.

Stating that it’s okay to invest because they haven’t been officially declared illegal is akin to claiming that it’s fine to score some heroin on the street corner because the gang banger there has never been busted for selling drugs.

Finally, I don’t invest in HYIPs and have nothing to lose, so why do I waste my time putting up words of warning such as this.

To those of you who hang out in the forums that monitor and discuss HYIPs/ponzis, I truly don’t give a damn what you do with your money and whether you are spending it on ponzis or drugs.  You already know that these a destined to fail and you jump from ponzi to ponzi trying to get your seed money out, hopefully making some profit and winning this game.

But, in order for more of you ponzi pimps to come out ahead, you have to con as many naïve investors as possible into believing that these programs are above board and that they are making a “safe” investment.  The more suckers who don’t know how to properly play the game, the more likely the experts can come out ahead.

This results in financial ruin for some and does irreparable harm.  But the pimps don’t care.  They got paid.

I waste my time for those naïve souls who just might happen to stumble across this article and at the very least will think twice about breaking the golden rule of ponzi playing….”never invest more than you can afford to lose”.

Eventually, this post will be moved to the Scam Graveyard.  It could be weeks.  It could be a couple months.  And there’s even a chance it will be a couple years.  But in the end, that’s where it will be and JSS Tripler will end up with far more losers than winners.

The end result is always the same.


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JSS-Tripler is a SCAM! I just wrote an in-depth review of this system on my website. I would post the full text of the review here but it is over 1,000 words long so a link is more suitable – http://www.penguinrungames.com/jbpreview.php

I think this is exactly the information I’ve been looking for. I’ve been looking for reason to believe that either a.) it is indeed legitimate and legal or b.) it’s a ponzi and/or unsustainable. Even with the option to fill your own matrices without recruiting anyone I just don’t see this as being sustainable long term. The Italian probe pretty much sealed it for me. At least for now. This is something that I think… Read more »
LS Worthington
Thanks for your review of JSS Tripler. It helped save me from making a big mistake. I signed up in JSS but had not yet put any money into it. Today, April 2, 2012, I noticed that their website is down. Never a good sign. Their blog says they are under a DDOS attack. Likely story. It is a big red flag as I have seen other programs go away quickly when their website gets… Read more »
Chris Bailey

You’re welcome LS Worthington.

Yeah, I heard about the “DDOS” attack last night, lol. Funny how so many of these ponzis suffer so many of the same issues.

They all have the same ponzi playbook. Delays and issues are always blamed on something/someone else.

At least 14 hours later and the site is still down.

Will be interesting to see how things play out when/if the site resurfaces.

Chris Bailey

Thanks for the comment Neville.

I’ve also thought about the dual meaning of Indefinitely Sustainable, lol.

Why not infinitely sustainable or eternally viable? 🙂

That could be Mr. Mann’s final joke on the latecomers who lose their investments.

Neville Dinning
This is a “Did He Mean To Say That?” situation. JSS and JBP have been promoted as “indefinitely sustainable” to imply that it will stand the test of time and not fall over as previous similar schemes have done. Let’s look at the meaning of that phrase: Sustainable: “To support from below; keep from falling or sinking; prop.” Sounds just like the way JSS works. Those below prop up the system to stop it from… Read more »