OMG, Thousands Of People Have Disappeared

Are you a missing person?Wait, wait.  Don’t worry.  We haven’t been invaded by aliens and the Rapture has not happened.

I’m referring to the thousands of people that I have watched disappear from their businesses over the years.

As the owner of Work At Home Network for nearly 11 years, I’ve watched thousands of people come and go from my site.  I’ve also observed this phenomenon on other forums and networks around the web.

Many vanish within just a couple weeks.  Some after a couple months.  And others might make it a year or so.

To be completely honest, I disappeared for a few years myself.  Luckily I found my way back.

So, why is this happening?  And, are you a “missing person” from your business?

There are as many reasons for this happening as there are people who’ve gone missing.  We’re all different.

When many of us started our pursuit of internet gold, we had absolutely no idea that we were embarking on a journey through what is still a cyber version of the wild, wild west.

Instead of ticked off Indians and wild animals waiting to scalp us or devour us for dinner, online we have ponzi scammers, professional hypesters, and charming internet gurus coming at us from every angle looking for the shortest route to our wallets.

Why do so many go missing?

Because they are confused, frustrated, angry,and  lost.

This whole internet marketing thing isn’t what we are typically led to believe as newbies.  It’s not always easy.  There is always more to be learned.  And we all need a chastity belt for our wallets.  One slip and the smooth talking con men have some of our hard earned bucks with promises of easy returns.

If you are reading this, congratulations on not disappearing, or welcome back from the milk carton. 😀

If you’ve been around long enough, you may realize that there simply isn’t one magic bullet that will lead all of us to success.

Each of us has to find our own path to internet marketing success.

For some, it is blogging on topics they love/hate and have knowledge of, driving traffic to their monetized sites and earning money from contextual ads and affiliate products.

Others might have a knack for web design and search engine optimization, earning their incomes building sites for those less creative.

Then we have those who are great motivators and love to speak to people, making their money doing webinars, creating videos, pounding out podcasts, and anything else they can do to put themselves in front of viewers.

The web is a huge place and no matter how smart of dumb we think we are, we can all create a niche for ourselves that can be successful.

Don’t disappear before you find or create that niche for yourself.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Put yourself out there.  We don’t bite and most of the people you meet are just like you.  They are finding their path.

Most of what you need to know can be found online for free at sites like I’ve listed here.  Be wary of those interested in teaching you their “secret” methods.  There are no secret methods.  Those who succeed do so via trial and error and persistence.

Stay focused.  Have goals and make plans to achieve them.  And never quit.

May we never go missing again.

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