Birth of a website-traffic analysis, content, indexing, and more

One thing that I recommend to people working to make money online is to write about what you know, whatever that might be.

It’s not a guaranteed money maker, but it will help you come up with more frequent and fresh content for your sites to generate traffic.

Last Friday I launched a new site that I will be providing weekly progress updates here and daily notes on my Work At Home Network discussion forums. The first posts will be added tonight and I’ll provide a link from here.

For my own ease in analyzing traffic, the site url won’t be provided for at least a month or two.

I’ll be providing an in depth analysis of all the stats compiled from Google analytics and any income generated from the site.

It may fail. It may succeed. We’ll just have to see.

See you tonight. 😉

Edited on 03/03 to add: Taking longer to get to this than planned. This little experiment should be up soon.

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