Being “All In” is popular again, the good and bad of it

Are you All In?Everybody loves a catchy motto, mantra, slogan, etc.  In the crowd that I’m around, the old “all in” or “I’m all in” mantra is catching fire again.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  And what does “all in” mean to each of us?

The expression is certainly not new.  It’s been around for about as long as I can remember and has been used by everyone from actors and athletes to religious groups.

“All in” is also an expression used in gambling when you decide to risk it all.  With this expression now being used by marketers to help create buzz and excitement, in many cases the correlation with gambling may be the best one.

Oh, and please feel free to listen to Lifehouse’s All In while you read the rest of this.   Hopefully, it will keep you awake.

Sooo, what is good about leaders getting us all hyped up and getting us to shout “I’m All In”.

First, it helps to create a little excitement about what we’re doing and push us a little further into actually committing fully to what we are aspiring to be and do.  No matter what your goals and aspirations are, you need to be 100% committed to achieve them.  This applies especially to online marketing where a lax attitude will leave you stranded in the middle of cyberspace going nowhere fast.

Second, because so many leaders are requesting that you make your declaration publicly in a conference or chat, it’s forcing us to put ourselves “out there” and create at least a modicum of accountability.  If you get all hyped up, shout out “I’m All In” for everyone to see, and then do nothing, it is highly likely you won’t be hanging around that particular group much longer.  So, in essence, this can also be a filtering process to sort out those who will ultimately take action from those who never will.

Now, how can our fearless leaders misuse our newfound excitement and “all in” status and what are some other possible drawbacks of making your proclamation.

Every marketer, present company included, wants visitors/viewers to “convert”.  We want all of our guests to either convert into sales, downline, or mailing list members who we can work on converting into a sale in the future.  That’s our job.  And nothing makes our job easier than creating excitement about a product, service, or opportunity.  Mass excitement leads to a buying frenzy that puts money in our pockets and food on our tables.

But it’s your job to make sure that you’re going “all in” on what’s right for you.  A poker player is highly unlikely to do so if he’s only holding a pair of deuces in his hand.  You need to do your job and make sure that what you’re looking at is viable, legit, and is a good fit for you long term.  Going “all in” with just a pair of deuces will bust you almost every time.  Filter through the hype of what you’re being presented and once you have done your due diligence on the opportunity and those you are considering going into business with, shed those shackles that bind you to mediocrity and commit, commit, commit.  Sorry, got a bit carried away there 😀

Next, saying(or typing) is not doing.  When a charismatic leader gets us all amped up, it’s really easy for us to feel gung ho and cry out with the crowd.  A few hours, days, or weeks go by and you can realize that maybe you really weren’t exactly “all in”.  You just got caught up in the moment.  It happens to all of us at one point or another.

Ultimately, we either will or won’t be successful.  It’s almost entirely up to us.  Making excited utterances amongst a crowd of equally riled up home business wannabes isn’t going to change the fact that 5% or less will eventually be successful.  The best that can come of going “all in” as soon as possible is that it may help speed up the process of those who are destined to make it and may help those who don’t have what it takes realize that they just don’t have the commitment needed.

It’s taken me years to finally make my “all in” proclamation.  I’ve finally sorted out most of what was holding me back and have the commitment to move forward instead of just treading water.  Now I just have to put some muscle behind the mouth.

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