The benefits of working with a team in your home business 8

Teamwork ImageIf you ask my friends and family, they will tell you that I’m a bit of a loner.  I like to take challenges on all by myself and be 100% responsible for the outcome, good or bad.

Over the years, I’ve learned that this attitude is not conducive to home business success.

Try as I might, I could not achieve maximum results depending only on myself.  At some point, we all need a helping hand when we’re building a business, online or off.

Getting involved with a group or team comprised of people who have similar goals can provide that extra push required to keep you going in the right direction.

If you are anything like me, sometimes your pride gets in the way of your productivity.  Working with a positive, proactive group speeds up your journey to success in a multitude of ways:

  • Problems resolved more quickly.  Having a technical issue?  It’s likely someone else has run into the same thing and can let you know how they resolved it.
  • Jumpstart your creativity.  Have your hands on the home keys, but your brain seems to have seized up like an engine with no oil(yep, I let that happen once)?  A little brainstorming with your team might be just the lubricant you need to get your creative gears moving again.
  • Competition creates momentum.  I’m a loner, but I love team sports.  Group competitions can drive you to be more active in building your business.
  • New Opportunities/Partnerships.  If you work with enough people, there is a good chance you may just find one or more people that you really “click” with.  This could lead to highly creative and lucrative partnerships for future endeavors.

In addition to helping you grow your business, working with a group also provides the rewarding experience of knowing that you are actively helping others create better lives for themselves.  Personally, that’s one of my primary goals for working online.

A highly active group creates a culture of sharing, motivation, and momentum.  Success breeds success.  Frustrations are alleviated faster as we see that everyone occasionally feels like taking a sledgehammer to their PC. 😀

Sooo, whether you are just starting out in your search for a home based business or you are looking to maximize and build upon the success you have already achieved on your own, I recommend finding or organizing a team of motivated individuals to help expedite your journey to success.

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Chris Bailey

Thanks everyone for your comments and feedback.

Cj Hale

Way to go Chris!!! I can so relate! I say that because I am still fighting that syndrom of “Lone Wolf” that I have done all my life. Thanks for sharing your personal insight.


I’m so glad that you’ve left your loner status and that you have seen the value in joining a group. I look forward to the competitions and productivity! Great article.

SaRita Hartin

Wow, Chris, I really love what you said about competition! It’s so true that those of us in home business step it up a notch when we’re competing for something. Awesome article.

-SaRita Hartin

Joanna Gasdogas

This is great. I really like your writing style and your thought processes. Really organized and attracts attention. I truly love it. I love how your blog looks as well.


I loved your article… Everything your wrote is so true and it is with this great team that we will accomplish so much more….


Philip Rees

Oh yes! I recognise only too much of myself in the points you make Chris. Excellent points to spur us into success. Thanks for posting this.

Mark Call

Dude… this really hit home and I could not agree more. Together we can do GREAT things and you nailed it in this article!

– Mark Call