Bruce Gott and Global Educators Inc scamming Wealthy Affiliate members?

Potential ScamWell, if this is true, people need to be warned to avoid Bruce Gott and his company.

Personally, I get my fair share of phone calls and emails from these types of high pressure “success” coaches. Don’t let yourself get conned by the hype and high pressure tactics that they often use.

In an article title Global Educators Inc is a Poaching Scam! Kyle, one of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate warns his membership to avoid being suckered in by these solicitations.

I just wanted to warn you that there is a company out there called Global Educators Inc, a high ticket coaching scam that is soliciting folks via telephone.

They are also claiming that they are associated with Wealthy Affiliate. THIS IS A LIE. We are in no way associated or partnered with ANY companies.

Apparently, Kyle was alerted to this potential scam by a Wealthy Affiliate member who states:

I got a call yesterday from Bruce Gotts. He explained to me he was working for Wealthy Affiliates and that they have started something new and working with individuals one on one. I didn’t have time to talk yesterday so he called me back today. After yesterday’s call I messaged Kyle who said he was not with Wealthy Affiliates. Bruce Gotts called me back today and started off the conversation saying he was with Wealthy Affiliates. That they were choosing a handful of people to work with personally to get them started making money. I told him I had investigated to see if he was with WA and found out he was not. After asking him who he was really with he said Global Educators Inc. He then told me how his company was contracted by WA to call people. I explained that they were not contracted by WA his next question was then how did we get all your information. Phone number, email…. He insisted right up to the end that he was working for WA. WOW!

It’s a crazy world out here on the net.

Be careful.

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