Content marketing: Don’t forget to include you in your content

You should be alive in your contentAs affiliate marketers, we sometimes get so wrapped up focusing on the technical stuff like keywords, optimization, density, and other SEO stuff we do in hopes of getting decent SERP placement, we often leave out one of the most important parts, ourselves.

Here at my personal blog, I don’t usually have that problem, but when making content marketing posts with a product or service pitch in mind, I often tend to be far too bland and leave my own lovely personality out of it.

What I end up with are boring, unengaging posts that don’t give the reader any real reason to take action.

If we are selling something, and have a conscience, we better damn well believe that it will meet the needs of our market.

Tell your readers what like, love, dislike, hate, about the products you are promoting.

Invite them to ask you questions if it’s something you have personal experience with or to give their own feedback if they have something to say.

No matter what you are marketing, there is probably plenty of competition out there for it.

By injecting who we are into our content, we can connect more deeply with our audience and increase the likelihood of creating more loyal followers.

Engaging our readers is a good thing, even if some of them disagree with us. 🙂

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