Changing Directions – Where To Now?

Changing Directions - Where To Now?Well, since my Overcoming My Own Inertia idea of posting for 30 consecutive days lasted a whopping one post, I’ve decided to simply change the direction of this blog in an effort to find myself.

Instead of being just another work from home blog among the millions of other work from home blogs, I’ve decided to just make this a personal blog about whatever the hell I decide to ramble on about. Yeah, I know there are tons of other blogs about nothing out there, but this one wasn’t working for me and I wasn’t working for it.

Naturally, there will still be some work from home discussion because that is part of my life. However, it won’t be the primary subject matter as that experiment simply did not work.

So, “Chris Bailey’s guide to working from home” is now evolving into “Chris Bailey – Meanderings of a Misfit”. πŸ™‚

I’ll be changing a number of things over the coming weeks.

Perhaps you’re wondering why “meanderings of a misfit”?

Long story short, I’ve simply never conformed to or fit into this world the way most do or at least try to. I’ll go more into that in my bio once it’s updated.

Okay, “Meanderings of a Misfit” is now under way. Let’s see how I do with this.

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