Working, and dreaming.

This was a work day at the day job. Wednesday is truck day, when our inventory comes in and we get to restart the weekly cycle of unloading the truck and replenishing stock. Invigorating, lol.

Oh well, as jobs gTruck dayo, it’s as good as any. It’s close to home and I like my coworkers. After a 5 year hiatus from the regular work world, that’s all I was looking for.

Anyway, when I got home I took a nap, a.k.a. passed out, for an hour or so. The better half is nursing a bad back so wasn’t interesting in slaving away in the kitchen. So when I regained consciousness, I took in a few innings of the Pirate game(Let’s Go Bucs) before heading out to pickup dinner.

That’s brought me to this late time and I haven’t worked a lick on any of my websites.

I wanted to get this daily post off, so I figured I would let you know what I will be doing after I publish this.

My latest internet property purchase is a domain name relative to living full time in an RV, a goal I mentioned in How Have Your Dreams Changed?

This domain will be a resource for others who wish to chase this same dream and will also follow along as I work on achieving this dream.

There are some pretty awesome and inspirational stories out there by folks living full time in their RVs. I intend to be one of those in the not too distant future.

My site is bare now, but tonight I’ll be adding some structure to it and getting things organized in order to make it a great reference for others and also to start getting it in a position to help generate at least a portion of the revenue I’ll need to actually live the lifestyle.

That’s all for today.

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