Willpower!! What willpower? 1

I have a lot of bad habits/addictions. Smoking, pop/soda, chocolate, and just about anything else loaded with sugar.

Today was the day i was going to throw a shock at my system and quit at least several of these lovely habits.

Some of these nasty habits include:

Smoking: Well, the cold turkey experiment lasted less than an hour of consciousness. Good grief, I’m weak. cigarettesOkay, I can still salvage some dignity in this one. I’m a chain smoker, so I mountain-dew-frontcan at least attempt to drastically reduce my intake today. They did price me out of the name brand market, so I currently roll my own. That makes it a bit harder to keep count, but I was typically at close to two packs per day.

Mountain Dew: I was completely off this stuff, but recently lapsed back into it too frequently. I used to easily do at least a 2 liter per day.

Nesquick: A blast from the past for me. Loved this stuff as a kid. Unfortunately, my latest job gives me easy access. I started occasionally reliving my childhood pleasure with this garbage lately. Gotta stop that, lol.

I’m also a tea/coffenesquik-fronte drinker. In and of itself, they might not be too bad. However, my sweet tooth requires far too much sugar and milk or cream to be added. Gotta quick that again too.

It’s a day off from the day job and I have a lot of work to do around the yard and house.

After that, it’s back to work on my RV living site and possibly adding some more content to my local business directory.

I didn’t get a post up yesterday, but I did do some work on the RV site before heading off to work for a 2:00 – 10:15 shift. Crashed out last night before I could post.

Ciao for now. 😀

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Hey my friend,

It’s about time I started commenting instead of doing the easy way out, i.e. sharing your posts on FB, TW and G+

Too tired to write something smart ( I am able to do that at times ), but just wanted to let you know, I need these posts of yours, because I can relate to so many of the points you mention, in the case here, sugar.