Baby Steps – Pulling Things Together Will Take Time

Baby Steps – Pulling Things Together Will Take Time

Baby StepsWell, not having posted anything in a week is a bit disappointing.

As discouraging as it may be, I simply have to remind myself that this is a process and will take some time to create positive, productive habits to replace the unproductive habits in life.

Every day is a new opportunity to do something right. Finding a good balance between the regular job, internet work, and everyday life is definitely a challenge for me. Eliminating many of my time sapping, brain draining habits Will be an ongoing battle.

Frustrating as it may be, I’m still very positive of the eventual outcome.

I’ve started over almost from scratch.

Baby steps is where I’m at now.

I shouldn’t be amazed at how much of a struggle this is to turn things around, but I am. Knowing what to do and getting it done are two very different things.

The battle continues……..

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