Figuring Out A Format To Help Create Momentum

Okay, I crFiguring-It-Outeated this daily journal section of the blog in order to help me hold myself accountable for making progress on moving forward in my life’s endeavors.
I haven’t posted anything in this section in 8 days. That’s not much of a “daily” journal, now is it?

Perhaps a standard format for journal updates will help me out. Lord knows, it can’t hurt. πŸ™‚

Naturally, this is subject to future tweaking, but here is the format I’ll use to get started:

  • Quick, or occasionally not so quick, blurb about day job
  • Update on other activities of the day, if any
  • Update on progress made or not made on internet projects
  • Anything extra I feel like throwing in

As someone digging out of a very deep, dark hole as a barely functioning human zombie for well over a decade, every day is a challenge for me. Although that may sound like a very depressing statement, even in my darkest times, I’ve never completely given up hope.

I wake up every day with good intentions to accomplish something. Getting motivated to do even the most basic things are a struggle for me, i.e., cutting the grass, household chores, etc.

Currently, I’m losing far more battles than I win each day. Some days are a complete loss.

Quite frankly, it’s embarrasing to put into words and post publicly. But I know I’m not alone in this type of struggle and these ramblings will give me something to look back on as I progress.

I’ve tried numerous things to break out of it through the years, some seriously, some half-heartedly.

The war for my life rages on. Although battles are being lost, the war will be won. Even when I was at the bottom of the abyss mentally, I’ve always believed that.

And away we go…. another day has started. πŸ˜€

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