Productivity, perpetual procrastination, and a pesky pup

Each and every day, I find it difficult to be as productive at work as I need to be.

As an assistant manager for a national variety store chain, my job is pretty mundane and repetitious.

Personal pride should lead me to do my best every day, shouldn’t it? Well, it doesn’t.

I’m not terrible at my job, just terribly average. Even though it bothers me, it apparently doesn’t bother me enough to motivate me to put more into it. The part that bothers me most might be the fact that my doing an average job can put more of a burden and workload on my coworkers.

Just like I do in the other areas of my life, I wake up every day intending to do better and more often than not, I fail to do so. Hmmmm, a pervasive pattern in all my endeavors. Guess I need to make a breakthrough somewRockyhere and hopefully it will spill over everywhere else.

Oh well, today is another opportunity to improve.

That last sentence applies to the lack of anything newsworthy on my personal activities and internet projects as well. Not much has been accomplished on either front the last couple days. Grass still needs cut and a few other household projects continue to be neglected. I continue to let my internet projects languish, but I have been thinking about some ideas on that front. I continue to just put off getting things done and making myself succeed or fail. Either result would be acceptable.

Okay, enough of that rather depressing post, lol.
At least my spoiled rotten boxer/pit mix keeps life at home tolerable.

He’s about 12 years old now and was weaned away from his mother too early. After we got him, we figured he was probably only about 5 weeks old when I brought him home as a Christmas present for the better half.

The poor guy doesn’t like to let us out of his site and tends to yip and welp to come right back in when I put him out to do his business.

He has a great personality and continues to love us with all our flaws.

We’re fortunate that he’s still quite healthy even though he’s getting up in years. He still acts like a pup and runs around like a nut when we get home from work.

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