Life goes by so quickly – don’t miss it

I shouldn’t be, but I’m still amazed at how quickly time passes.

Another week without a post or any effort put towards my online projects. πŸ™

This chick's life is just starting.  Sent to me by a coworker.

This chick’s life is just starting. Sent to me by a coworker.

Have I mentioned that time management is not one of my strongest attributes? πŸ™‚

At least I was thinking about posting for the last several days, and hopefully changing the not so Daily Journal format will help me with that.

It’s blatantly obvious that I need to remind myself to get some things done, so instead of just providing a recap of what’s happening, I’ll be posting daily tasks/goals to accomplish and reporting on whether or not yesterday’s goals were met. Oh boy, that could become embarrassing at my current effort level.

Naturally, these posts should be done first thing in the morning before I get my day kicked off.

Here’s a sample to get the ball rolling.

Tasks for Sunday, August 17, 2014:

  • Post on my misfit blog. πŸ™‚ This won’t normally be on the list, but I’m cheating a little on this first day.
  • Add 10 businesses to my local business directory
  • Edit and publish pages to my RV blog

I think I’ll keep my tasks list solely about online projects, but my summaries of the previous day will include the more mundane accomplishments that are still a challenge for me as I fight my way out of the dark hole I was in.

For example:

Summary of Saturday, August 16, 2014:

Nothing accomplished on the internet project front. Boooooo.

After work, I did manage at least begin catching up on my neglected yard work. I’m so far behind that it will take some time to get things looking even remotely decent at this point, but I did make a dent in it.

Nothing else to report.

That’s a wrap. Obviously, I’m still trying to gain footing and move forward.

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