Four more days lost and little to report.

FrustrationYep, getting one’s crap together after so many years of nothingness can be frustrating.

Rereading recent posts might be more depressing if I had unrealistic expectations about how easy/simple this was going to be.

Sure I’m a bit frustrated, but I’m just going to keep hammering away at the thick walls of my social, emotional, and creative prison until I break free.

I’ve been feeling a bit run down the last few days and obviously haven’t posted.

While I didn’t make much progress on any front, I did at least get a Facebook page created for the RV site.

The one thing that I do pretty consistently these days isn’t something that’s monetized. I own and run a table tennis site for the two local clubs here in Pittsburgh. Even though I’m struggling to move forward on my business projects I do make sure I post results and updates for those two clubs at least twice per week. This continues to give me some hope that I can get into routine posting on my other sites.

Well, on to the little task and summary format:

Tasks for Sunday, August 22, 2014:

Add 10 businesses to my local business directory
Edit and publish pages to my RV blog

Summary of Monday, August 18 through Thursday, August 21, 2014:

On the internet project front, I created a Facebook page for the RV Living site and added cover and profile photos.

I also “liked” a number of RV related FB pages and sites, adding them to my RV Living bookmarks. I do this in order to help myself get ideas on topics to post that the community is interested in.

Much more should have been accomplished in a four day period, but I can’t change the past and can only continue to work towards a more productive future

Not much going on along the personal activity front. Two vehicles in need of repair prevents me from attending either of my table tennis clubs. Hopefully, I can get back to that activity in the near future.

Good luck to all and see you around the ‘net. 🙂

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