Still kicking, thinking, and stalling

Well, after fighting one of those lovely summer colds and then either a pinched nerve or some other sort of back strain that was quite annoying and occasionally agonizing, I’m working on getting back on the posting bandwagon.

I haven’t postePittsburgh Skylined here in over a month now, but at least I do keep updating our local table tennis site for the two clubs here in the Pittsburgh area. I’m still struggling to find a solid plan to get my local sites moving.

We don’t get to go “out on the town” much in our current situation, so I decided we would splurge and take in a Pirates gPNC Park River Walkame back on September 16. We had a good time and our Buccos won. 🙂

The trip out was definitely good for the soul.

Okay, back to business.

Trying to come up with a perfect plan of attack is a great stall tactic many of us use to not move forward.

Personally, I’ve been planning, instead of doing, for decades. Bad thing to do.

At this stage, I just need to start doing and then tweak things as I go along.

Man, why do we make simple things so difficult?

Oh well, on to another day.

Have a great one.

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