The clock keeps ticking on my dreams

The clock keeps ticking on my dreamsBack on July 20, 2014, I posted “How Have Your Dreams Changed?”

Here we are 72 days later and I have essentially taken no additional steps towards fulfilling my adjusted dreams and goals.

The ticking clock on my stated goal to start living full time in an RV is now only 584+ days away and I have done almost nothing to make that dream a reality.

I’ve now wasted just over 10% of the total number of days I gave myself to get to my dream and have moved 0% towards hitting it.

Oh what an ass I am! 🙁

I’m posting this to perhaps nudge myself with a little bit of embarrassment to start moving forward.

In all honesty, I won’t be severely disappointed if I miss that goal unless I still haven’t given it a true blue effort. I could fail miserably, but if I’ve at least made a sincere, consistent effort, it will still be a success.

If you are still struggling with your own goals and dreams, don’t quit and keep working on moving forward.

Hopefully I’ll be able to reference this post in the very near future and state that things have started changing for the better.

I know I have it in me. I just have to let it out.

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