How to find legitimate mystery shopping and merchandising jobs

Mystery ShoppingMany of us have received emails promoting mystery shopping scams. These are unsolicited emails hoping to find people naive, desperate and/or foolish enough to believe that you can earn a couple hundred dollars for one simple mystery shopping assignment or several hundred dollars per week doing simple assignments and then duping them into emailing their personal info for the “application” to some random throwaway email account.

The truth is, you can easily find legitimate mystery shopping companies through a number of resources on the web. There are also merchandising opportunities available, some that are even long term to help you get some steady part time income if you are in need of it.

Here are just 3 places to find honest mystery shopping or merchandising opportunities:

Volition – Volition’s front page claims “We are the oldest Free Stuff site on the Internet.” Because my interest was primarily in mystery shopping, I haven’t perused their entire site to see what else they have to offer. For our purposes here, you want to start off on their Mystery Shopping page.

On that page you will find links to mystery shopping companies, demo and merchandising companies, the Volition mystery shopping forum, and a few other potentially useful links.

JobSlinger – JobSlinger is a great resource to help you find which mystery shopping companies actually have work available in your area.

On the Volition site mentioned above, you’ll find links to way more than 100 mystery shopping companies. Unfortunately, unless you register with a company, you probably won’t be able to find out if they ever have any assignments near you. In my case, for instance, I’m registered with over 80 companies, but only about 10-20 have regular or fairly regular jobs in my area.

Jobslinger will let you search by ZIP code to see if anything is avaible near you. However, to see specific details you would need to create a free account there.

World Alliance for Retail Excellence and Standards – This site was formerly known as NARMS – National Association for Retail Marketing Services. Yes, apparently they like having a really long company name. 🙂

WARES is a great place to search for temporary to permanent part-time and full-time merchandising jobs.

If mystery shopping or merchandising interests you, look around those three sites and see what they have to offer.
Feel free to post a comment if you have any questions or feedback.

Good luck and have a great day.

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