Entering round 2.5 with Wealthy Affiliate 2

Wealthy Affiliate Under ReviewMy first time with Wealthy Affiliate was a bust. I don’t even remember what year it was, lol.

Personally, I’ve always been weary of internet marketing “training” type sites which that have a compensation plan attached for promoting them. Usually, the information taught is outdated at best and just plain garbage at worst.

In most of these training sites and courses, it seems the only way people make money is by selling the courses, and the hype that comes with them, to others That makes them nothing more than a pyramid scheme.

Members never actually learn how to market any products or services other than the training opportunity itself. You’re not actually taught how to sell to the mainstream marketplace. All you are taught is to sell the hype of making easy money if you buy into the training.

I want to find a legitimate place to learn true blue affiliate marketing to sell to the general population. I’m just not interested in only selling dreams to people desperately trying to get rich quick on the ‘net.

Realistically, I know that most people are going to fail at internet marketing, just like in the brick and mortar world most businesses fail.

Before I can ethically promote any training program, I need to find out if it works for me.

That search eventually brought me to Wealthy Affiliate.

I’m not a newbie at this and I have had some successes with affiliate marketing and monetizing websites.

However, I tend to be unfocused, procrastinate, overthink, and do a myriad of other self-sabotaging actions that prevent me from developing a full-time income online.

The first time I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I let myself get bogged down by information overload. I am not a very disciplined person when it comes to buckling down and wading through so much stuff.

Whether you are working with a training site like WA or just gathering the tons of free information you can find online regarding internet marketing, the amount of info and opinions out there can easily become overwhelming if you let it.

In truth, anyone can learn everything they need to know for free by visiting affiliate marketing forums and websites. But many of us have trouble putting everything together and following some sort of blueprint to move forward

That is the main reason why I’m hoping something like Wealthy Affiliate can help me focus my energy and time in the right direction with training and information all under one roof, so to speak.

Unbelievably(not really), it’s been almost 2 years since I rejoined WA as a free member stated my intent to be more structured and persistent. Damn, I swear time moves faster where I live. 🙂

I again let myself get bogged down and just couldn’t really nail down a niche that I wanted to pursue because I know that personally need to be at least a little passionate about the subject to keep at it long enough to hit my goals.

A couple of months ago, I made some tweaks to my goals in life and, after setting up a site and thinking and overthinking about it, it seemed to be a perfect opportunity for me to finally buckle down and see how WA will actually work for me if I work with it.

In my book, this is my second and a half time around with WA. Now I can earnestly work my way through the trainings to see how they work out for me and what kind of results I can accomplish if I use WA to add a little structure to what I do.

I’ve been around the block and have seen much of the good and bad the internet has to offer. WA has generally been one of the few training programs that I haven’t considered extremely overhyped and scammy.

You’ll notice that I have no promotional links to WA in this post. This is because I’m not interested in WA becoming my primary source of income. That would simply be selling a dream.

I will only promote WA if and when I’ve actually applied myself and gone through the training with verifiable results marketing products and services to the general public.

It’s completely up to me to make this work and find out if I can honestly promote a training program to others.

See your around and good luck in whatever you do.

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