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This one almost slipped by me.  The url seemed legit.  I looked up the company name and everything seemed to match.  My mind must be starting to go because I didn’t notice that the email linked to a site ending in .us and the real company’s url ends in .com

After some searching on the ‘net, it appears that this one is just one of those old fraudulent check cashing scams or Western Union money scams.  One where they will “overpay” you and request you wire them the balance back.  By the time the check you received bounces, the money you wired is long gone.

As always, be careful and investigate.

Global Network Solutions softvare development company has offices in North America, Europe, Asia and Western Europe. Global Network Solutions company has been in the offsh0re servises and softvare development industry for almost 10 years and has over 500 IT developers in staff and more than 2000 man-years of experience. We offer wide spectre of offsh0re finanical and s0ftware development services, including web development outsoursing and enterprise application integration.In the bussines relationships with our clients we strictly observe professional ethical standards. With our regular partners Global Network Solutions subscribes to a flexible finnancial policy, a system of customized services, and offers free consultation for all questions.

Some information:

  • No Cold calling
  • No Seling
  • No Pressuring Others
  • No Complicated Paperwork

What we offer:

  • DailyPaay
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Flexible hours w0rking from your home office
  • Free benefits for you and your entire household
  • Free training

App1y to this positi0n:


Global Network Solutions

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Chris Bailey

Thanks for sharing Luis. Nice to know some scammer has my name. 🙂 lol

It’s just such a shame that there is so much garbage on the ‘net and especially on sites like craigslist, monster, etc. where so many people are trying to find something legit to make some money.

Luis Melendez

@Luis Melendez

just on an added note, this is the number I got the text from 92602…lol this is yahoo messenger number.. Now ask yourself why go through all that trouble in finding someone fast for a position that requires time, patience, and attention to detail?? Watch out for scammers, please

Luis Melendez
I came across this today, I answered a job ad on Craigslist, the add was for a part-time work in accounting. So I sent a message asking for more information, the only thing that I put on there was my Name, cell number, and e-mail address. Hours later I receive a text message from chrisflavour90: ” I am chris Bailey from DLA piper LLP US please tell me if yyou are still interested in the… Read more »