Still suffering from creative constipation 1


Well, only 6 days between posts. Getting better. 🙂

Using the art of rationalization, it has been a busy week offline.

We have two vehicles that need inspected and that’s going to be a couple grand down the drain. Exhaust repairs, wheel bearings, head gaskets, fuel pumps, etc., etc.

Online, I managed to go 0fer this week. Nothing new posted anywhere…. SMH

Although I own a number of domains, I have five that I want/need to be focusing on.

In no particular order they are the following:

This site.

Shop The Burgh – a local classified ad and business directory

Live The RV Dream – my newest domain and the one I will use to post my progress towards living that RV life and then posting while I live that life once I get there

Pittsburgh Table Tennis – the only domain I’ve updated on a fairly regular basis and that has only been accomplished because the two clubs I maintain it for send me updated league results that I post. I could be doing more there and have entertained the idea of monetizing it.

Top Ten Consumer Reviews – this domain is barren and is one that I will be using to create a product review site. This will be the most labor intensive of my domains and potentially the most lucrative in the long run.

Of course, doing nothing with the sites that are intended to create a portable income is naturally getting me nowhere.

With 4 days in a row off and me being trapped at home while one of our vehicles is in the shop, I have no excuse for not accomplishing at least a little something between tomorrow and Wednesday.

We shall see how it goes.

Off to the day job this evening and then Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off.

See you tomorrow????

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