Days off – who needs them

I need a day offI do, damn it!!!

This was supposed to be day 2 of 4 consecutive days off from the day job.

In addition to doing some things around the house and yard, I just needed some time away from the daily grind of working for a typical bottom line corporation that wants too much from its people for far too little in return.

Maybe it wasn’t better 50 years ago(I wasn’t around), but today’s companies are just soul sucking vacuums that grind their front line employees down and spit them out. I guess that opinion could be a topic for another post.

Okay, back to the original topic. πŸ™‚

While our truck is in the shop getting repaired, I had scheduled 4 days in a row off from work, the longest stint away in over 2 years.

As fate would have it, our manager is having some health issues and although she’s a warrior who routinely works through pain, she can barely get around with whatever this is.

Bottom line – my first day off yesterday….. wasn’t.

My second day off today…. probably isn’t. She’s headed to the hospital and we’ll find out later if I’m headed in to close tonight.

Naturally, my employer operates a skeleton crew and budgets as little money as possible to staff the store and do their bidding. If I don’t go in for her or if the other assistant manager can’t work from open to close, we would have to try and get someone from another understaffed and overworked store to cover her shift.

Sooo, most likely no rest today from the day job. I’ll get a little house and yard work done, but probably won’t get to much online work. Gee, what a shock. But that’s a good excuse, isn’t it?

If nothing else, I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to breaking this pattern of inactivity. Maybe I’m delusional, maybe not.

Oh well, time to go get some stuff done before heading off to work on my second day off from work, lol.

Have a great day.

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