No rest for the wicked

irritatedWell, my poor boss had kidney and bladder infections, so I’m spending my 4th consecutive day off…. at work. Grrrrrrrrr..

Can’t blame her, but I’d like to, lol.

Additionally, the whole reason I was taking four days in a row off is also FUBAR. The mechanic hasn’t started on our truck yet and recommended we try a head gasket sealant to get through the winter instead of him tackling the replacement of the head gasket.

I was trying to do it right instead of taking a possibly risky shortcut.

Despite the fact that he’s a pain in the rear to deal with, I do trust this mechanic’s judgment and he’s done good work for us at reasonable rates.

Silver lining – we’ll at least temporarily save about $600 if the sealant works.

Sadly, nothing to report as far as work on my websites… again SMH.

Oh well, off to work I go.

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