At A Crossroads – Moving Forward

past-present-futureIn my last post, Building my future, starting now, I mentioned that I needed to figure out whether a job search is in order to get out of my current unhappy work situation.

I’ve decided to go with no on that. I simply have very little interest in pursuing any job that I’m technically “qualified” for. For now, I have to try and hold on to what I have until I get my entrepreneurial endeavors moving.

My mind has been racing and I’ve been pretty exhausted this week from the stress and agitation of it all, but here is where I stand at the moment.

In addition to the 5 sites I mentioned in my post Still suffering from creative constipation, I have one other site that I created a while ago that I can jumpstart.

It’s a site called Pittsburgh Clicks dedicated to helping small businesses get active on the web and in social media.

Although operating and updating 6 sites might sound like a big load, it isn’t really as labor intensive as it may seem to some.

Off the top of my head, here is a quick breakdown of the overall plan. I’ll be taking a few hours in the next several days to write down a more formal strategy and then get down to implementing it.

This site – not really a site designed to generate much revenue at the moment, so all I need to do here is update my daily journal and post occasional opinions, rants, or whatever.

Shop The Burgh – I’ll be adding free business listing here to build it up and see how it progresses as far as traffic. Spam has seemed to die down on the free classified portion, but so has other local traffic. I have some promotional work to do here. This site has major future potential but will take some major marketing to get where it needs to be. I’ll be going slow and steady for now on this.

Live The RV Dream – Because this is a site about what I want my not too distant future to be like, I plan to do some fun stuff on this one, perhaps creating a fantasy journey until I can make it real. If I can create a little revenue here in the short time, that will be a bonus.

Pittsburgh Table Tennis – Updates twice a week are already sent to me, so there’s not a whole lot of thinking or labor I need to do on this one. This site is more a labor of love and I don’t have to worry too much about it.

Top Ten Consumer Reviews – I’ve started working on this one this week and it will involve a fair amount of research to create legitimate reviews and find products to market via affiliate links.

Pittsburgh Clicks – I need to finish the structure on this one and get more content. I only want to offer services which I’m confident and competent in so that my clients are satisfied.

That’s where I stand right now.

As mentioned above, I have some major strategy planning to do over the next few days. After that, I need to move on to the part that is often the hardest for many people, taking action.

It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing. I’ve already squandered far too much of my life.

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