The hits keep coming

money-pit-1994-ford-f250-xlWell, I’m still working on finalizing the game plan for my sites and creating a habit of making daily postings, but I’m getting better.

In the meantime, we have to get both vehicles inspected, and while I was hoping for the best, fate decided against it, lol.

The 2004 Alero shouldn’t need much, but the 1994 Ford F-250 might be turning into a money pit. 🙁

We got off easy with a $150 exhaust repair and $100 in replacing a hood release cable and a quick fix for the leaking head gasket(that’s another story).

We’ll drop the truck off tonight for an official pre-inspection, but the guy that did the exhaust said there is a crap load of stuff underneath that will need fixing to pass inspection. I’ll update with the laundry list when it’s done, but could run into well over $1000, and that’s not counting the $500-$700 for new tires.

Ugghh. LOL

Life is often about challenges and not letting them drag you down, but crap.

Oh well, for the most part we are fortunate in life. Sadly, we often forget that and do let the struggles affect our mindset.

Oddly enough, even though it’s the week that marks the beginning of the holiday shopping insanity and I work in retail, I do have three days off. So I should be able to get more done online and around the homestead.

Have a great day.

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