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Unleashing Myself
Warning, warning: “Rambling Out Loud” post below 😀 And the journey continues… as do the course corrections. As I sit here typing away on a chilly February Sunday, I’m trying to figure out a few things. While I keep plodding along in life, I am wondering if it’s time to unplug/unleash/unfilter myself more completely here in the online world. Although I’ve shared an opinion or two and maybe posted a couple mild rants, I’m almost always very guarded with what I let escape from my crazy mind 😉 and make it to these pages. In real life, I operate pretty […]

Time to take the leash off

time flies
Holy crap. Once again, I stumbled across a not so subtle reminder that time keeps moving forward, even if I don’t. After posting an article on my work at home site for the first time in 3 ½ months, I figured I would keep rolling and come post new article here for the first time in 4 ½ months. Ouch, just typing those two facts is mildly embarrassing. So I popped into the admin area here and was scrolling back to find a previous post I could reference and I realized that the first post here titled Chris Bailey getting […]

Death or Success: Which will come first?

Disappointment, hypocrisy, and blessings in disguise
As I continue to work on developing the discipline to create a full-time income online, the traditional work world continues to display it’s hypocrisy and complete detachment from reality. Recently, our manager finally put in her notice that she was moving on. She’s been unhappy and burned out for well over two years, so it was something long overdue. I’m a believer that attitude is infectious and that leaders lead by example. In her burned out state, our previous manager simply wasn’t willing to put in the extra hours necessary and wasn’t necessarily that productive when she was there. Naturally, […]

Disappointment, hypocrisy, and blessings in disguise

Success over Doubt
Back in January I made the post “Do what you love”, but what is it? where I briefly touch on my own struggles in my climb out of the dark hole of depression and my search to find exactly what I’m choosing to pursue in both my online entrepreneurial effors and life in general. We are on this earth ever so briefly and many of us waste too much time not actually living a life we enjoy. Unfortunately, for me at least, digging out and working towards a more fulfilling life is made more difficult because of the very rut that […]

Continuing the search for myself, my passions, and my purpose

Hitting reset again
I really need a time machine. Nearly 7 months have passed since my last post here. Of course, in my last post, I did promise that My next journal post here will include some actual progress. I swear it. True to my word, my progress was making one post yesterday in the beginning of a personal 30 day challenge to blog something everyday. Okay, on with this “daily update”, lol. SMH Internet Projects As I mentioned above, I’ve managed to achieve a whole single, solitary post in nearly 7 months. I’m doubting that will get me where I need to […]

Frustration, fear, and fresh starts

Crazy Man pic
Well, I’m either just plain mentally insane or that gig on Upwork simply wasn’t what I wanted to be doing when it came right down to it. I’ll cover what happened in the day job part of this daily journal. Okay, off we go. Internet Projects Still struggling here, but damn it, I’m close. Honest injun. 🙂 While I’ve decided on this little format for these supposed to be daily updates on this personal blog, I’ve been settling in on just what I want to do with the handful of commercial domains that I have. With the recent events regarding […]

Easy Come, Easy Go

Start Stepping Up image
Insert motivational/supportive cliche here. 🙂 Drats!!! I was almost positive I was going to make it three days in a row posting here AND was going to have created some content on at least one of my other sites Thursday. Instead, I didn’t and I didn’t. And then I let another day slip by. Meh. 🙁 Okay, on with the format Internet Projects As mentioned, I did not create any new content on Thursday or Friday…..crrrraaapppp. I started to, but then somehow just didn’t. I was logged into Google Drive and had the documents pulled up to add some content […]

Baby steps, baby steps, almost there

Sunny Day image
We don’t get enough of them here and one reason I will eventually live on the road following better weather. 🙂 Looking very much forward to some sunshine. I’m heading in to work shortly and figured I would fire off a post real quick to create a little momentum again. We’ll get right into it. Internet Projects Yesterday I set up some draft pages for Work At Home Network so I can begin filling out some content. It’s been a long time coming but I should be able to complete those pages this evening and really start getting the site […]

Sunny days in PA