Daily Journal

Hitting reset again
I really need a time machine. Nearly 7 months have passed since my last post here. Of course, in my last post, I did promise that My next journal post here will include some actual progress. I swear it. True to my word, my progress was making one post yesterday in the beginning of a personal 30 day challenge to blog something everyday. Okay, on with this “daily update”, lol. SMH Internet Projects As I mentioned above, I’ve managed to achieve a whole single, solitary post in nearly 7 months. I’m doubting that will get me where I need to […]

Frustration, fear, and fresh starts

Crazy Man pic
Well, I’m either just plain mentally insane or that gig on Upwork simply wasn’t what I wanted to be doing when it came right down to it. I’ll cover what happened in the day job part of this daily journal. Okay, off we go. Internet Projects Still struggling here, but damn it, I’m close. Honest injun. 🙂 While I’ve decided on this little format for these supposed to be daily updates on this personal blog, I’ve been settling in on just what I want to do with the handful of commercial domains that I have. With the recent events regarding […]

Easy Come, Easy Go

Start Stepping Up image
Insert motivational/supportive cliche here. 🙂 Drats!!! I was almost positive I was going to make it three days in a row posting here AND was going to have created some content on at least one of my other sites Thursday. Instead, I didn’t and I didn’t. And then I let another day slip by. Meh. 🙁 Okay, on with the format Internet Projects As mentioned, I did not create any new content on Thursday or Friday…..crrrraaapppp. I started to, but then somehow just didn’t. I was logged into Google Drive and had the documents pulled up to add some content […]

Baby steps, baby steps, almost there

Sunny Day image
We don’t get enough of them here and one reason I will eventually live on the road following better weather. 🙂 Looking very much forward to some sunshine. I’m heading in to work shortly and figured I would fire off a post real quick to create a little momentum again. We’ll get right into it. Internet Projects Yesterday I set up some draft pages for Work At Home Network so I can begin filling out some content. It’s been a long time coming but I should be able to complete those pages this evening and really start getting the site […]

Sunny days in PA

Definition of irony image
I can’t resist having a little laugh at myself in this post about the extraordinary irony of the recent developments in my world. Day after day I go by working at developing the motivation to create blog posts, get more active in social media, add content to my sites, etc. Occasionally I scream at myself about not doing these things when I know I have enough knowledge and skills to make it work and get out of a job I don’t care for. The job holds no future for me, has crappy pay, and I’ve begun looking for a new […]

Isn’t it ironic – don’t you think?

Tomorrow Starts Now pic
I know. I know. Ain’t ain’t a word. 🙂 The title of this article reflects my post counts here for January, February, March, and April. If I was getting ready for a rocket launch, those numbers would be quite adequate. But alas, I’m not. No sweat. New day. New opportunity. In keeping with my statements from my last post, Reflecting on my progress, which was over two weeks ago…..meh, I’ll continue with the format for these “daily”(lol) updates to see if they suit my purpose. Day Job I’m attempting to stop letting the day job in retail be the energy […]

5-4-2-1-this ain’t getting it done

Make Things Happen image
Since I’ve been a bit lax(**cough**-understatement) in posting of the last couple months, I decided I would take some time to reflect on where I stand in my progress…good or bad. It was early 2012 when I started attempting to come out of my slumber and move forward again on my work from home and internet marketing dreams. Wow–another 4 years gone by in the blink of an eye. I briefly heated up and then died out again going almost 17 months between posts here — nothing after July 2012 until I resurfaced again in January 2014. On August 5, […]

Reflecting on my progress

Never Give Up
Okay. Deep breaths Chris. The world hasn’t ended. It’s just that the struggle to motivate myself and be productive continues. The opportunities are there. A significant amount of the knowledge is there. The “dreams” are there. However, the action is still missing. There is no logical reason for it. But apparently, the illogical reasons still remain strong. 🙂 I’m definitely still appreciating my struggles. It took me years to get into the dark state that I’m working on evolving out of, so I simply can’t and won’t beat myself up about it taking a significant amount of time to work […]

A month of nothing — really!!