Daily Journal

Never Give Up
Okay. Deep breaths Chris. The world hasn’t ended. It’s just that the struggle to motivate myself and be productive continues. The opportunities are there. A significant amount of the knowledge is there. The “dreams” are there. However, the action is still missing. There is no logical reason for it. But apparently, the illogical reasons still remain strong. 🙂 I’m definitely still appreciating my struggles. It took me years to get into the dark state that I’m working on evolving out of, so I simply can’t and won’t beat myself up about it taking a significant amount of time to work […]

A month of nothing — really!!

Data Protection image 7
With all the phishing attempts that come through my email accounts on a fairly frequent basis, I had to do a double take when this legitimate warning from Amazon.com came through in the early morning hours of February 19, 2016. The title of the email was “Your Amazon password has been changed”, which sends up the phishing red flag right away. However, the content of the email and the fact that it didn’t ask me to log in via any provided links or reply back with any information made me believe that it might be legit.  After some searching, I […]

Startling email from Amazon

The Power of Habit cover image
A famous quote from author Edgar Rice Burroughs begins with “We are, all of us, creatures of habit”. Good or bad, we all have many, many habits. As for me, other than the basic survival habits, I have almost no good habits that will move me forward in life and quite a few bad habits that have caused significant harm. Now, there’s no way in hell I’m even remotely qualified to get into the psychology of habits and personally, I believe a significant amount of experts on the brain do a lot of guessing due to the extreme complexity of […]

Create New Habits – There’s an app for that

What I Have Learned image
As I continue my journey out of the darkness of depression and inactivity into the light of appreciating life and igniting my inner creativity, I find my struggles extremely interesting albeit a tad irritating and frustrating as well. Slowly but surely I am putting the days of beating myself up over my non-productive days, which still far outnumber the productive ones, behind me. As far as I’m concerned, I’m simply getting reacquainted with who I am and who I will eventually be. The success I am seeking in this journey is something that most never, ever achieve for a wide […]

Appreciate your struggles

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Bad, bad, bad entrepreneur!!!! Well, I was flying high after a relatively product December, but could be feeling low after a less than stellar effort in January. After managing to post here at an every other day pace in December, I stumbled to a paltry pace of barely once per week in January. This would have been acceptable if I had made some strong progress on my other sites, but progress there was minimal as well. I accomplished nothing with Live The RV Dream, Shop The Burgh, and Top Ten Consumer Reviews. Pittsburgh Clicks and Work At Home Network each […]

Disappointing efforts in January

Sad Emoji
Not a human friend, but an old friend nonetheless. Way back before my meltdown and my nearly complete disappearance from the world wide web, I had begun developing an interest in traditional affiliate marketing..not the online MLMs that call themselves affiliate programs to hide their true nature, but real affiliate marketing selling products and services that are offered through networks such as ShareASale, CJ, LinkShare, etc. As I continue to climb back into the affiliate marketing niche, I have started revisiting some of the old forums and resources that I had bookmarked to see if they were still around and […]

The passing of an old friend

Thinking Allowed 3
Although I’m currently behind last month’s pace for posting, I’ve been working a good bit behind the scenes on my old Work At Home Network site and Pittsburgh Clicks, trying to get the latter set up to start promoting locally since much of the stuff on it won’t involve affiliate marketing which is not permitted on craigslist. The quest continues to really nail down which site(s) I’ll be focusing on the most. The more I continue to be active online, the more I continue to gravitate towards helping people figure things out, something I mentioned being one of my initial goals […]

Chugging along

Do What You Love
I stumbled across the image for this post while searching images at Pixabay.com With so many different ways to monetize blogs, people looking to make money online are often told to pursue writing about what they love, are passionate about, etc. But if you’re someone who has been beaten down and is working on recovering from a major period of depression, you might not even realize what you “love” anymore. That’s a little struggle I’m encountering in my journey back to the living. I’ve been so inactive in life for so long, much of my passion has dimmed. Don’t get […]

“Do what you love”, but what is it?