Phishing, viruses, worms, fraud, etc.

We all get them. Here are some of the various email phishing scams and other messages from the world wide web’s cyber criminals.

As the owner of numerous domains, I get this type of email quite frequently regarding domains that are nearing expiration. Scammers like the people who send this email prey on the ignorance of many website owners who don’t know that you really don’t even need to submit your sites to search engines anymore. And as a double scam, they make this look like you would actually be renewing your domain if you fall for this crap. Read the email below and remember not to fall for it if a similar con ever hits your inbox. Expiration Notice Order #: 135848036 […]

Search Engine Submission – Domain Registration scam

Too funny not to share. For those not familiar with Bernie Madoff perhaps not as funny. At least we now know for certain that 419 scammers stay up to date on current events. LOL Dear Friend , I am Mrs.Ruth Madoff, wife of bernard madoff. I am actually going through some kind of difficult time with my family right now, as my husband is at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, New York City. My husband Sentencing is scheduled for June 16, 2009 and he is likely to face a maximum sentence of 150 years in prison and $170 billion in restitution, […]

How touching. Mrs. Madoff wants my help

Recent Bank of America phishing scams. Subject line(s): Bank of America Alert Update Your Information Linking to: Body of message(s):   Your Online Banking is Blocked. We recently reviewed your account, and suspect that your Bank of America account may have been accessed by an unauthorized third party. Protecting the security of your account is our primary concern. Therefore, as a preventative measure, we have temporarily limited access to sensitive account features.   To restore your account access, we need you to confirm your identity, to do so we need you to follow the link below and proceed […]

Bank of America phishing scam

Recent phishing scams. Subject lines: notice: confirm your online records <message ref: 0413889094> Monster customer service: details confirmation! official information for client of Monster. <message ref: 9265493765> software updating <message ref: 3188844944> please update your data. <message ref: 3628458339> Linking to: Body of message(s): Dear Monster (Jobs & Careers) customer, The added security measures require all Monster customers to complete Online Employer Form. Please use the hyperlink below to access Online Employer Form: We appreciate your business and thank you for being a valued customer. ©2008 Monster – All Rights Reserved and Dear […] phishing scam

Subject line(s): secure details confirmation <message id: 3666497726> Chase Bank: instructions for client (message id: 4906962570) Chase Bank customer service: your online account! Chase Bank customer service: online banking account confirmation linking to: Body of message(s): Note: This is a service message regarding the Chase Online Form. Dear customer: As part of the new security measures, all Chase bank customers are required to complete Chase Online Form. Please complete the form as soon as possible To access the form please click on the following link: Thank you for being a valued customer. Sincerely, Online Banking […]

Chase bank phishing scam

Here are a couple phishing scams received targeting Citizens Bank customers. Note that the deactivated url in the message below was actually linking to  The part after .com was the same. The subject lines on Citizens banking phishing scams that I’ve received so far have been: our new security measures urgent notification from customer service Citizens Bank: online form released Security alert Dear Citizens Bank customer, We would like to inform you that we are currently carrying out scheduled maintenance of banking software, that operates customer database for Citizens Bank Business Express service. Every Business Express customer has to […]

Citizens Bank phishing scam

This one almost slipped by me.  The url seemed legit.  I looked up the company name and everything seemed to match.  My mind must be starting to go because I didn’t notice that the email linked to a site ending in .us and the real company’s url ends in .com After some searching on the ‘net, it appears that this one is just one of those old fraudulent check cashing scams or Western Union money scams.  One where they will “overpay” you and request you wire them the balance back.  By the time the check you received bounces, the money […]

Home-based job offer-email fraud

Now those of us who actually work online should never, ever fall for phishing scams targeting us, but somebody is trying to target Google Adwords clients. The scumbags never give up. Our system was unable to process a payment for your outstanding Google AdWords account balance using your primary credit card. For the time being, your account is still open, and your ads are still running. However, we require you to update the payment information in your AdWords account very soon in order to ensure continued ad serving. Please update your credit card information in order to trigger our billing […]

Google AdWords Alert-phishing scam