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My first time with Wealthy Affiliate was a bust. I don’t even remember what year it was, lol. Personally, I’ve always been weary of internet marketing “training” type sites which that have a compensation plan attached for promoting them. Usually, the information taught is outdated at best and just plain garbage at worst. In most of these training sites and courses, it seems the only way people make money is by selling the courses, and the hype that comes with them, to others That makes them nothing more than a pyramid scheme. Members never actually learn how to market any […]

Entering round 2.5 with Wealthy Affiliate

Global Virtual Opportunities(GVO) logo 2
Disclaimer/Disclosure:  I am a Global Virtual Opportunities(GVO) affiliate, so this review may be considered be biased by some.  Please read along anyway and see where I’ve been and where I’m coming from on this. Update:  In late 2012, I switched from GVO to a different host, so perhaps I can no longer be considered biased. 🙂  I’m leaving the rest of this review untouched as I did not leave due to issues with service.  The links below may or may not work, but they certainly won’t benefit me. As I’ve grown in my marketing business over the years, I’ve become […]

Global Virtual Opportunities(GVO)-scam or not

The Sharks are Circtling 8
As always, if you’ve been around the world of internet “opportunities” for more than a couple weeks, all you need to see is a guarantee of 2% interest per day and you know that the words JustBeenPaid JSS Tripler scam sound like a good fit. First off, if JustBeenPaid’s JSS Tripler doesn’t collapse under its own weight soon, my opinion is that it will eventually be declared illegal.  As noted by the PatrickPretty blog, JustBeenPaid’s JSS Tripler is already being investigated by Italian Regulatory Authority CONSOB. When you promise people a return on their investment, you are selling securities.  And […]

JustBeenPaid JSS Tripler-scam or not

NeoBux is a paid to click opportunity that I’ve known about for several years but really never gave much thought to because I was never really into the whole “paid to” arena.  I’m also naturally leary of opportunities that allow you to “upgrade” to higher levels of earnings. They have been around close to 4 years now as of the date of this post.  According to their site: NeoBux was first introduced on March 25th 2008 in a pre-registration phase. The official opening was shortly a month after, on April 30th And although I’ve been around long enough to know […]

Neobux: Scam or Not

So, is a scam? The relatively short answer for those who don’t want to read my rambling below, lol.  No, I wouldn’t say that peoplestring is a scam.  But there is a lot of hype and misleading info out there about the true potential of this type of site.  You can make money with sites of this nature, but unless you can recruit heavily, the amount is negligible. When dealing with internet based money making opportunities, it’s not always quite as simple as whether something is an outright scam or not. The basic premise of “paid to” anything, i.e. […] or not Phishing Warning
Well, I was starting to write a post on this relatively new make money doing nothing scheme and after noticing it was starting to ramble(as usual), I figured another blog post conveyed my thoughts in a more succinct fashion.  That post is 5 reasons why will fail from the Living Room CEO blog. Just a couple points in addition to what the author there has pointed out. While the author touches on the fact that there is virtually no real info about the Boloto Group Inc. online, he doesn’t take it further and advise why that is a potential […]

GetTheBar – the next toolbar time waster?

As a Cognigen agent for almost 7 years(start date 03/19/2001), I’ve seen a number of reps concerned about the recent merger/acquisition with Commission River. IMHO, I think this deal has a lot more potential upside than downside. As the owner of the Work At Home Network Discussion Forums, I see nearly every “hot” home based business that hits the market. While I love the fact that Cognigen has always been a no hype, honest home based business opportunity, the simple fact is that their free business model was not a good fit for the traditional style MLM/Network Marketing model. Because […]

Cognigen-Commission River merger